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  1. And so it begins...

    I first heard about WH40K sometime between my primary and high school (back then in Poland we used to have a 3-step education system: primary school, high school, college). In 1992 I was on a summer language course in Sheffield, UK, and there, in a GW store, I bought my first Space Marines tactical squad (2nd ed.) and a dedicated paint set (spending a big part of my money on it). Right about this time first wargaming stores started opening up back home. I was instantly immersed in the WH40K universe, ...
  2. Stripping Whispers

    Well, I finally got around to stripping the two already painting Whispers in preparation for my colour changes/updates and general (hopefully) upgrading of my models.
    As the models are metal, I use a cheap acetone-based nail varnish remover. My models had several layers of paint on them, along with a gloss varnish and then matt. I left them in the acetone for 24 hours and then carefully peeled the paint off the models. It comes off fairly easily, but I wouldn't recommend scrubbing as it just ...
  3. Whispers Skin - Testers

    Have been starting my painting with the beautiful Whispers, finally finishing a unit will be a big deal for me . However, their previous skin-tone is very monochrome (Fortress Grey, Badab Black Wash, Codex Grey, Skull White) and I was hoping to put some colour into it. Observer suggested purples and blues and this struck a chord, while my boyfriend suggested I use flesh tones as the interim so the blue would have a greater contrast.
    So far, I have only done washes over Fortress Grey: ...
  4. Reiff Craft Works

    We make high quality display bases and plinths for the figure, diorama, and vignette builder.  Because we are firure painters and model builders who appeciate a well done model right down to the base.  Visit our site at Reiff Craft Works
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Ork Land Ship

    Over the last year I have being seeing this orkish creation being build almost every Saturday.. Finally, Scott Brandt, who single-handedly designed and build this juggernaut incarnate, allowed me to take some pictures. The land ship is propelled by twin-baneblade chassis and contain parts from several stompas. Masts and sails are reinforced by metal rods and could be removed for transportation. Boarding "axe" and forward megacannon are not attached yet. There will be about a dozen upper-deck cannons ...
  6. Neue Bilder bei CoolMiniOrNot!

    Heyho liebe Leser und User!

    Hier sind mal die Links zu meinen neuesten Dunkelelfen:

    Mein Hochgeborener Arenil Drachenklaue

    Mein Lokhir Teufelsherz

    Meine Schwarze Garde von Naggarong
    (Keine sorge, es kommen noch weitere, so um die 40 Stück... Irgendwann )

    Bewertet und Kommentiert.

  7. Skaven Warlock

    One of the very first miniatures I ever bought, must have been back in 2002. This is the 2nd layer of paint already on this one. I like the pinkish rat flesh and the contrasting scroll on the filthy purple robes. Painted diretly on the metal without primer. Heresy, I know.
  8. Tomoe Gozen (1/9 - Pilipili Miniatures)


    Hi Everyone..I have a question ..What do you think of this mini?
    you think ,this is correct vote? maybe someone is not voting with the right policy! What do you think? please, what do you think of this question ... Thanks, Greetings! Gabriele Serrini ,Rolljordan ..
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Diego

    A conversion (sort of) from the Games Workshop "Mercenaries" box. I bought it as a Mordheim product but nowadays it sells under the Warhammer Empire line.

    I first painted this mini as a pirate (same dull pirate colors as the previous pic posted) but wasn't quite happy w the result. Then I decided to base the miniature on one of my former LARP characters, a Bloodstone player called Diego (Bloodstone = Bloodbowl variant).
    I recently changed the armband to red/white (Bloody Pigeons ...

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