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  1. Red Lionesse

  2. Another Megabattle

    Kids decided to try out that megafortres I have been building on and off for the last year (Images bellow). What you see here is a middle of 3000+3000 points battle of Orks against a very much mixed defenders (IG, Tyranids and some chaos). Well, one thing for sure with the number of level I created in this fortress you can easily put 3000 points with a lot of space to spare. I think it is more like 5000 points deal, especially if you want to put reserve inside the fortress itself. Defenders won ...
  3. Of Pallas Athena, Guardian of the City, I begin to sing.

    The last three, finally. Once the bases are done, and I get some good photos, I think I'll toss them in the SD comp#15.
  4. long live the new flesh!

    while I'm 1) sick, and 2) waiting for my hand to heal, I've taken off from working on comissions for a few days until I can concentrate and have a steady hand.
    Made some progress on the Amazons in the interim. Dug up the std/musician, and found an extra stray warrior in an old box too. Slightly different flesh recipe due to a bottle of paint running out on me.
  5. Newest Piece - Not a Mini

    I know, I know. Not a mini, but it is my latest work - that I've had done anyway. I've been saving up for this for about two years and the time has finally come. my new tattoo! This is about 2 1/2 hours in the chair. Outline and a little over half the shading is done. That's about when my adrenaline wore out. I'll go back in about three weeks after this has healed to get the rest of teh shading and the color put in.The red tribal swirl and the black bats with it are a previous work. The color is ...
  6. Space Wolf Sargent Converted :GW:

    Some new work :-D I am pretty stisfied by the freehands and armour color. For the armour, I started with a basecoat of "DARK SEA GREY" with a bit of "DARK SEA BLUE". Highlighting using "dark sea grey" and a bit of "space wolves grey". Then I applied the shadows and middle tones with "orange brown" and "cam. black brown". The fur was painted using GW inks. and matt colours. Enjoy!!! (and comments are welcome ...
  7. High-elf mage/farseer - WIP

    Well, somewhat early WIP of an elf-mage/eladar farseer (converted by switching one arm). I am painting this mage under rather heavy influence... to those who red Chronicles of Amber this is Bleys (sp?). IN fact at some point I was really feeling like making all nine princes but for now it has to wait.Anyways. Commens are very much appreciated      
  8. Warrior priest finished for those that want to look

    For the past two weeks I have been building and painting an entry for the CMON members unit competition. I though it would be fun and give me a chance to paint somthing a little different.I am quite please with the composition, but the colours do not hang togetheras well as I had hoped. Your thoughts (as always) are very welcome. 
  9. Last WIP shot of Master of the Fleet

    Like the title says, I reckon this will be the last WIP shot of this guy. I just need to prime and paint him a backpack one of these days, and settle on a color for the hammer haft and he'll be good to go.I don't think I'll enter him in the Golden Goblin contest, I'd rather sleep in than paint a backpack first thing in the morning. And if I enter him now, then I can't enter him in the Golden Demon qualifier rounds later this year... I'm not sure if I'm going yet and I don't want to screw up my backup ...
  10. Two WIP models to report on

    I put a little bit of work this afternoon into some models, if I get them done tonight without completely destroying my chances of getting my homework finished for the weekend, then I'll enter them in the Golden Goblin painting contest Saturday.The Spellsinger is for the army, and isn't done to a true contest standard by any stretch of the imagination. I want one for Sunday's gaming though and I'll take whatever motivation I can get :-)

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