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  1. New member, hello.

    Hi everyone. I have been painting figures now for over 25 years. Having recently been made redundant ive a lot more time on my hands, so expect to see a lot of my work.
    Please vote on my figures and any comments are welcome.
    most of my figures are for sale, if you fancy any drop me an email. Thanks THE CID.
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  2. The first step is always the hardest!!!

    Hi members,
    as you can see I am new here and have with the miniature painting recently started. I poste sometimes some Minis here and simply wanted to know what you say in addition.

    Your Crissis.

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  3. WIP Reapers Sarah the seeress

    Quote Originally Posted by SQRT(-2) View Post
    Please excuse the photo, it was taken with my phone in my living room.

    I am working on a new miniature and I am trying to do my best on it as a baseline and it seems to be missing something. Any ideas? What does she need?

    reapers Sarah the seeress
    rustolum painters touch flat black primer
    P3 paints and washes
    Armypainter wargamer monster brush
    armypainter anti
  4. First ever painting projectL Space Hulk 3rd ed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halden View Post
    I have seen minis. I have seen painted minis. I never thought it would be something I would get into but then a deal too good to turn down on a Space hulk 3rd ed. came up. So as of about a month ago now I have been bitten by the Mini painting bug.

    Here are some photos of the first mini to get painted. Brother Zael the heavy flamer.

    I made some obvious mistake with a heavy layer of primer and paint on his right leg that obliterated a crest detail but overall I am
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  5. Urghum Yedharo

    Anyone has been dumb enough to have bought this figurine? I've been.. thought it was a stunning figurine.. well the master was.. after two hours spend on cleaning the cast seems on the figurine started on the metal pieces.. he hold two heads in his hand, one of them is deformed that you can't even make out it's a head and the same thing for one of the skulls that are on the sticks.. wrote a mail to Yedharo and posted on their FB.. not a peep.. can't do anything with that figurine so it's a total ...
  6. zombie mule

    hello all this is my first blog on here so its a sort one.
    this is a 28mm zombie mule.
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  7. Dark Eldar HQ

  8. First post!

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    This is my first blog post ever and is just really a test.
    I'll try to share a picture of my latest paintjob...
  9. Circle Orboros - Shifting stones

    I did a quick and dirty job. Base coat of Greatcoat Grey. Two coats of Nuln Oil wash. One coat did not darken enough the recesses to my liking. After that, I did some dry brushing with some darker gray, white and blue. For the green glow on the runes, I used successive glazes of Iosan Green and a wash of Morrow White in the recesses. It’s not as glowing as I would have wanted but for a job under 3 hours, I’m fairly happy with the result.

  10. Armies on parade

    So I'm on a semi vacation???? I'm actually working my ass off, but i don't have to drive or deal with people face to face. I move next week too, so i thought it best to get started on the Armies on Parade piece I'm doing While i have a little down time. Unfortunately for me i have to go huge with my pieces and while I'm doing the same 2'x2' (approx) as everyone else I feel like I'm just going to far with it. Name:  5.jpg
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    It's that but with about 15 more miniatures, plus it ...

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