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  1. end of summer

    I hate this time of the year... having 3 people in the family who are either go to school or teach makes one very stressful end of summer... I was always wondering who come up with this briliant idea that all schools and colleges have to start on different days.... and why two different schools in the same city require different set of papers, forms and medical requirements.... Oh well, I am supposed I am just whining and trying to find an excuse to why I am not painting anything at the moment. ...
  2. The Gen Con Report

    Even though I’ve been playing role playing games off and on since my college days in the 1980’s I have only been regularly attending Gen Con in Indianapolis for the past few years.  Even then I’m mostly interested in two things; various train games put out by Mayfair games and interesting classes on the subject of minis.This year I attended a class on photographing minis.  I had already purchased a diffuser box, but the class helped me understand some of the finer elements ...
  3. Summer is almost over and I have nothing to show for it.

    <p>Fall is around the corner and I feel like I've wasted my whole summer.&nbsp; I can barrely make myself go to work and my drive to paint is low.&nbsp; I have a couple of things in WIP stage but nothing I'm too enthralled with.</p><p>I tend to perk up in the fall.&nbsp; Here's hoping I find my center again.&nbsp; </p>
  4. Hey Guys (And gals, for the sake of not discriminating)

    Welcome to my blog......I guess....I know right now its pretty plain and boring, but I though it would be fun to post up my unique (and slightly) bizarre conversions and paint jobs for my many armies. So keep in touch and I hopefully will be posting again. Thanks,Evan.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Cats without balls, Wife's birthday, and bad service...

    Okay so the cat has been neutered.  He is a little sore but otherwise none the worse for wear.  He has been very affectionate since coming home, though we have to keep an eye on the puppy so he doesnt squish the kitty's sensitive bits.My wife's birthday was Monday.  She turned 30!  So, in observance of this momentus occassion, her friends decorated our house.  They decorated it with toilet paper and large "30" signs and a banner over the door depicting the grim ...
  6. You guys are the best

    I want to say thanks for all the thoughts and comments you have made to me about my dog Spirit.&nbsp; You all rock!
  7. The cat is getting his manhood cut off

    Actually it was cut out this morning... or would that be they?In any case, I had to take him in yesterday for a checkup before he could get fixed and it turned out we didn't have an animal carrier like we thought we did.  God know where things disappear to.  So I carried him into the vet's office expecting to have to fight with him the whole time.  Wow, was I wrong.  He perched himself buttside out on my shoulder the whole time.  He was terrified.
    And rightly so. ...
  8. CMON Mass Effect

    Number one in a long list of observations that I find interesting. Sometimes I'll put a name to such observations such as this one I call the CMON Mass Effect.

    I'm sure there's away to mathematically project this and it may be interesting someday to work out all the angles but for now I'll just try to sum this up quickly.

    CMON Mass Effect: The condition resulting in posting models in groups will increase the overall average score of any one individual model in said group. ...
  9. 4th Edition Thoughts

     I finally had a chance to hear/read all of the noise made at GenCon about the unveiling of 4th Edition D&D. I'm somewhat excited about the things they mentioned – all but one.Things I liked were streamlining of combat. Their focus on removing (or at least reducing) interruption in the flow. They also mentioned re-organizing the information in the books making things easier to find for the novice. That was the one thing I disliked most about the new books. If they were going to treat ...
  10. While in a book store...

    I was in my local book purveyor's the other day and I overheard a conversation as I was looking at the art books.  There was a couple the next aisle over talking, and the actual conversation went like this (the names have been changed to protect the moronic):Jane:  Hey Tyrone here are true crime books.  You would like these, why not read one?Tyrone (indignant):  Jane, I passed my reading SOL.  I an't got to read no more if I don't wanna.  I ain't gonna read no book ...

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