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  1. Circle Orboros - Magnetizing the warpwolf kit

    The clean up

    First and foremost, I had to do some minor clean up on the model. I'm really not a good mold line spotter and it's the part that I hate doing. When I think it's cleaned, I prime it and bam, trillions of mold lines appears out of nowhere. I have to be more meticulous about that. At least, there were no major gaps to fill with green stuff. I'm seriously horrible at sculpting things. I cannot for the life of me do something that will make the gap ...
  2. Starting a WIP Blog...!

    Hello all! I've decided to start a WIP blog here, to hopefully get some feedback on projects as I'm working on them.

    To start with, I've recently finished modifying a Space Marines Storm Talon into something a little more aerodynamic looking, and with ALL THE WEAPONS because I am terribly indecisive and magnetising the options was going to be a pain in the ass. XD

    Since this will be painted up for my Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons army, I headcanon that this is the precursor ...
  3. new pics and vid on the tube

    welll add some pics UUUUUGGG wish that cam willl do good pic but no the minis look tebull and dont like it and haver the magfi thing YAHE paint out the minis bad side thare must be a whay to ues my goood cam and post good pics well thay look beter on you tube yes shales pluge thats redgreen09 on you tube wish can get as menny vews on you tube as i get hare hek must got over 6000 vews alll added up and thats with the thed post on the foromes that i wish in sedd you say soe thing and we got a fan ...
  4. Starting a blog - Circle orboros

    Hello there! I started a new blog to document my journey into the world of Warmachine and Hordes. This blog will also help me try to improve my English. You may find some grammatical errors and I strongly encourage you to tell me how to correct them. Thanks a lot!

    Getting into Hordes

    I finally could not resist buying one of the all in one army box. I'm already far behind painting both my Khador and Cygnar armies, but these boxes

    Updated 06-23-2015 at 08:09 PM by PureConstant

    Painting and Modelling , Tabletop Gaming , Warmachine , General
  5. Starting...

    So, I'm going to start this blog, hopefully this will force me to be more productive in my modeling and painting.

    First a little bit about me. I'm fairly new to the world of miniatures and have lots to learn ( i have a feeling most of this blog will end up being about me trying new things, more then finished nice projects) I've always like modeling since i was younger, I grew up with those snap together kits and the glue ones that in the hands of a 10 year old always get f#%$ed up, ...
  6. welll thanks to frank

    wellll get stage EMAILL and seed that my mini the yes spell it right the re do not re o on my amazon qween whas put on fave and liike thak HIM who may be frank must have good test welll if ever in PA LANcater you see hare and others in pirsen and yes thats still bad pic my new cam tack beter ones but cant up lod to this dont know why cooll mini dont tell you evy thing siret hay COOLL your mini / gaming manfater GET OVER AND spill the big earth SHADING SIKETS just like GW buch its going to ...
  7. Demihuman's DemiWIP

    And this is my recipe for super desaturated gold or brass. to me really looks like new brass.

    Quote Originally Posted by Demihuman View Post
    An here is my recipe before I forget it. Base coat with RMS Bone Shadow with a drop of Vallejo Deep yellow in it, then first high light is RMS Terran khaki also with some yellow, highlight with Vallejo German Yellow. dark shades with RMS Woodstain Brown. Black and white to taste.
  8. What hapen tooo

    WELLL aLL thows pont thing are gon thoght that inportent gess not did enny one know what fore ??? not me hek if got enuf you get a mini or bits that i see but thay who thay are just did not tell enny one big siket i gess well thare gone and cant do thing got post some new pic soon look at the you tubes if enny thing thay go up thare fist the new IGs and others well TTFN
  9. got do re do

    welll cheking to pics and 4 . 9 on the red hats got do a new pic on em with flage and new camader of the bunnys just wish i can ues my new cam then old one or get a new new cam that works with sight ??? but out AAAALLLLL the pics you like the red hats go figer so and re do will be coming and new IGs girls to you see a vid on the re do of bunny camader and hench girls on the you tubs at redgreen09 and all rest of the vids thinking and all know thinking bad fore youz doing vids and pic all the ...
  10. some non gw or privateer press minis

    What are some great companies with great minis and a hopefully not gw price point?

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