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  1. bloodletter wip "curb stomp"

  2. right corner bloodletter

  3. bloodletter/coldone

  4. Khorne gore gallery

    Quote Originally Posted by RHCannon View Post
    Name:  20160323_203103-1.jpg
Views: 1184
Size:  1.71 MB

    Had a lot of trouble getting all my units to line up in formation just in time for gw to scrap the rule set
  5. Khorne gore gallery

  6. Khorne gore gallery

    Quote Originally Posted by RHCannon View Post
    Name:  20160323_203140-1.jpg
Views: 931
Size:  1.69 MB

    Been working on a unit of bloodletters for too long now. Really trying to custom sculpt/pose every unit. Jam pack the gore!
  7. Infinity -maverick

  8. Aaaaaaarrrrrgggggggg damit

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  9. New entry

    Hi everyone,

    i'm Filippo (a.k.a. Maestro Ludico), a 36 years old italian wannabe-painter and boardgames lover (expecially dungeoncrawler ones, like the old, good Heroquest).

    Thanks for admittance in this wonderful site!

    Have a good painting day

    Maestro Ludico
  10. well steell whagting

    well havent got hare YET but the subs got some GGGGOOOODD idears how to do em just got get hare hope thay got my pay ment this why i cant stand MAILL ORTER UUUUUGGGG tack 4 to 5 howeras to get hare from long island and thew the maill it tack two weeks UUUUGGGGG but got get back to 4 wall comics got GW minis off ther shelf might get some like off the shelf you pay and yours the other thing if have gaming in store ayou might gert put to gether right thare and realy in to it painting to will se and ...

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