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  1. The Chaos Divide 03

    Ok so after a tiring day i sat down and powered through my lack of picturing the model in its finished state so i knew where to paint. Overall im really happy with how it looks, the nmm is much better than my 1kson on this model and the transitions i feel look much better. Anyway i'll let you all have a look and judge the model for me, maybe there are a few things i'll go back and touch up but for now i need rest. !  
  2. The Chaos Divide 02

    Ok, so i managed to get alot more done on my khorne beserker. I started doing the shoulderpad with the skull on it but i lost my view of it and i couldn't imagine where to highlight it properly, so i stopped it and went to paint the weapons instead. They came out very well especially the axe. Im happy with how the whole model is looking now. 
    Comments and criticims very welcome
  3. GW Washes (Examples!) and Lootas Done

    Got the time last night to test out the GW washes, well, one of them, at least. Devlin Mud will become a very popular wash, I predict.

    Here's my testa boyz. In the pictures below (fronts, then backs), the top two are unwashed (heh, aren't all orks?) with two different colored pants. Both are GW Foundation colors, Tausept Ochre, the other Calthan Brown. The bottom is my first wash with the Devlin Mud. I applied this by dipping my brush into the pot, then dipping it in a water cup and ...
  4. Assault on black reach Ork "the freebee" nob

    Enough said... Simple off the shelf (from the White Dwarf rather) ork nob.        
  5. The Chaos Divide 01

    So i managed to do most of the red highlights, i didn't want them to be too strong but im thinking i might have to add a bit more of a contrasting colour although i am very happy with it all. I also managed to paint the legs on the beserker and the gold on the belt emblem.  
  6. Charioteers ho!

  7. It's all in the prep... Lootas

    Finished off the deff guns, as seen here.  A pile-o-deff guns.

    Ed and Ned here don't seem none too happy to be missin' their arms. Finished greenskins green.

    I'm trying somethign different this time. I did a complete paint up of the skin since I wanted to blend (I use that term loosely on these) and wash using green ink. Now I'm going to try the new GW washes. I blocked out the rest of the model in the appropriate colors using only the GW ...
  8. The Chaos Divide

    Looking back at my first army when i restarted collecting minis about 3-4 years ago i started with a nightlords chaos army, however, since my painting is getting better and my chance to play games has dropped i thought this would be a good time to divide my army into two and form separate armies of world eaters and thousand sons. I am going to try and keep the armies fairly fluffy. So i might aswell work on the basic troops, i stripped the paint of a portion of my old night lords models ready to ...
  9. I Need a Bit of help. . .

    Hey all It's the Baron here, and i need your help.At the moment I'm having trouble taking Photos of my models. They either come out blurry, to dark or to light so I need a bit of help to get them looking the way they intended. So drop me a tip or tutorial on how all of you get such great photos.Cheers Baron
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  10. wow

    my first post on my first blog. cool!I suppose you will want me to talk about my minis and upcoming projects? well, ive got 3 limited edition f/w models to build and paint, a dark elves army to finish and a 40k army to start. (i dont know which 40k army though)the three f/w models are: a princeps(reaver titan)                                    a ...
    Painting and Modelling ,

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