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  1. Neat Little Blighter

    I went through my army list recently and found I have 6 extra poitns to spend (how did that happen?) so I chose to add a Grot Oiler for the Big Mek. As most ork players do, I havea ton of grot models - both plastic, second edition and 1st/3rd/4th edition metals. I dug through the collection a pulled this one out.He's carrying a huge wrench that will most likely be used more as a hammer than a bolt tightener. At first I figured I'd speed paint him just to get him outta da way since I didn't think ...
  2. the knights go marching 2x2

  3. Red Jacks Waaagh! Finished.

    I promised new photos when I was done (and brought home the good camera) and here they are. Stormboy Nob, Big Shootas, and the Killer Kans Squadron. Eagle eye viewers will note the missing rokktis on the black kan. I was missing it until today - my bad. Click Kans pic for larger one.

    The other pics are of my tournament force for this coming weekend. 1850 points of pure Waaagh! Click on the pic for larger waaagh shot.

    CLICK FOR LARGER Red Jacks Waaagh! ...
  4. New York Daemon in the City - 2007

    Official Portion: This year our city-wide painting competition will take place on December 30th. For each of the game (Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy and Lord of the Rings) there will be two categories – Single Model and Group/Large model along with the open category for Dioramas and Extremely large models. There is even a category for Youngbloods. Model must be received at GW Greenwich Village (54 East 8th Street, 212-982-6314) by 3 PM and the awards will be announced at 5 PM on ...
  5. Pants!

    I finished the hose of all the remaing reiksguard I have primed at the moment. I've got a comission arriving in the mail soon, so I know I won't get to finish this unit uninterrupted, but after the last 5 I got motivated to at least move these all forward a stage.

  6. guardians of the new frontier

    I'm quite pleased with these. It's only a fraction of the figures I actually have for this unit in my old empire army, but if I keep doing them in this style I think they'll look great. I started it with 8 about 4 years ago, and those don't look as nice, but they'll be okay hidden in a unit of 25 or so when it's eventually done. I am re-painting the captain though as I'd like him to look as nice as the the new recruits. Old picture of the originals of this style
  7. Undead Project

    I´m going to paint up a small group of undead for the upcoming lead painters league on the lead adventures forum.
    Here is the first mini.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. pride of the reik

    I'd forgotten how much I really like these miniatures. Some of their big bows I could do without on pure aesthetics, but it fits their idiom a bit I suppose.

  9. Santa Claus leaves town....

    Off this weekend to deliver presents to relatives I will not be seeing over the holiday period, so there will be no updates and probably no modeling over the weekend.I am taking some sprues, a knife, glue and greenstuff, but would be supprised if I get a chance to use them. Last night I painted up the glade guard musicians hair and horn. Unfortunetly no photo's I'm afraid.
  10. Templar knight with "Baucant" (Pegaso)

    Some days ago I orderd the Templar knight with "Baucant" from Pagaso. I allways wanted to paint a Knignt like Miniatur and was really amazed by this one. I also order a wooden socket, were I could put on the knight. This one is from Andrea.The Miniature is really detailed and the qualitiy is very good. It has 24 parts, wich fit really good an only the Horse and the for the coat needed some work, which were done with Greenstuff.Than I assembled the included base on the wooden socket ...

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