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  1. pride of the reik

    I'd forgotten how much I really like these miniatures. Some of their big bows I could do without on pure aesthetics, but it fits their idiom a bit I suppose.

  2. Santa Claus leaves town....

    Off this weekend to deliver presents to relatives I will not be seeing over the holiday period, so there will be no updates and probably no modeling over the weekend.I am taking some sprues, a knife, glue and greenstuff, but would be supprised if I get a chance to use them. Last night I painted up the glade guard musicians hair and horn. Unfortunetly no photo's I'm afraid.
  3. Templar knight with "Baucant" (Pegaso)

    Some days ago I orderd the Templar knight with "Baucant" from Pagaso. I allways wanted to paint a Knignt like Miniatur and was really amazed by this one. I also order a wooden socket, were I could put on the knight. This one is from Andrea.The Miniature is really detailed and the qualitiy is very good. It has 24 parts, wich fit really good an only the Horse and the for the coat needed some work, which were done with Greenstuff.Than I assembled the included base on the wooden socket ...
  4. the mailed fist of the emperor

    the amazon cheerleaders had to take a dip in paint thinner. . .they acquired some chunky surface texture due to poorly shaken/old paint. While they soaked in the spa last night I picked up a few of the reiksguard that have been collecting serious dust on my desk. Did a bit more on them tonight:

    I'll probably attack the amazons with the tooth brush tomorrow and re-base them.
  5. Long time no see

    It's been a while, that I painted some Miniatures. Somtimes I have phases like this, that I don't paint anything for over a year.You look at a miniature an you imediatly have no motivation to do anythiny and if you try to paint, nothing works really like you want. But my motivation is back and I will document on this blog my newest work, a 54mm Templar from Pegaso. Vahilor  
  6. It's Been A While

    <p>Hello all!&nbsp; It's been a while since I updated my blog so I figured I'd let you all in on the inner workings of the horror show that is my mind.</p><p>Let's see, where to start?.,....I didn't finish my mini for the Ebay group this month.&nbsp; I ended up hating the thing and just couldn't find the motivation to get it done on time.&nbsp; I'm going to finish it, though, and sell the thing on Ebay just so I can say I finished it but so I don't ever have to look ...
  7. Man i havent touched...

    the computer for days!Well i finally finished commisar yarrick! really what a great fig man i cant imagine kicking ork butt like that in his age! totally terrified of posting it on cmon to see the score go striaght to hell....most of my stuff cant even get past 7 which really discourges me to post....mostly because ive seen worse do betterwell at least i can post it here with out feeling judged lol.
     ive sent up some more junk on ebay and ive started painting up this hybrid box ...
  8. Killer Kan II Done

     I finished off the second Killer Kan last night (except I forgot the handle in the top hatch - arg) and now I'm on to the third one. I find myself rushing a bit since I feel pressed for time before the tournament (in two weeks). I know, two weeks is a lot of time for some, but those who are older, full-time jobs, families, snow removal duties, etc. know that it can be incredibly short when looking for hobby time.
    I used the pastel chalks to finish up the "dirty" panels of ...
  9. tanking it up

    The rebuild of the steam tank is now starting to gather a little pace. I spent last night greenstuffing the joins between the components. Why do parts never go back as easily as the first time you build them.I have also found the exhaust cover for the chimney, so have started painting this up....Looking at the photo, maybe I need to add a little more white!No painting tonight, I have two 1500 point games arranged at my gaming club.All the best...
  10. Just getting started

    I am starting this blog as a handy place to store my wips. I've gotten started on a dwarf and now I have camera that will actually take a decent photo. I'm kind of stuck on this guy. I don't know which direction to go. He will have an axe when he's done but I wanted to get the breastplate done. I'm at the point where I want to paint but not make decisions on color scheme on this guy. Also of note, I haven't been getting a lot of painting done because of these. They were born in June and are ...
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