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  1. Got me a fend ayuck yuck

    YES ONE FREND WEZ HAPPY and wez going to doz the happy c OK JAR JAR BE CALM sorry my iner jar jar go loss but yes fist fend thats good like get back some older ones to when i whas redgreen12 well will be ok got two more IGs girls to paint then we start bassing might do steet sens read paint not out door one to ues both IGs and armed sivelens got do a detal mack bages you shes and bags UUUUGGG QVC HOME SHOping UUUUGGG that CRAP but i just look fore scap bits or some thing the thing will ...
  2. Getting grounded

    Hi I just posted a video to my channel. Thought if you were looking for a way to base your mini this might help.

    Updated 03-27-2015 at 03:54 AM by waylowsworkshop

    Painting and Modelling
  3. progrees HUA and why ?

    welll yes all out thare ALL out thare the IG girls are all most dun and soon see the resols butt GOOD NEWS if we do it we fond ato books to liens to as we paint the balgarod and maloren by dave edding one beter fantacey out thare if figer out you just cant lisen to it all at one time i wont be uesing my PC but lap top and on the you tube of all places and off the talking books ans know this i have gon thew the book that whay so meenny times and has the best reader the thing i have alwhays like ...
  4. Canny's Wip

    BloodAsMedium is laying it down. If you haven't scene a diagram of a stop sign before, you need to stop and take a look!


    =BloodASmedium;769163] The mainstay of miniature painting.[/QUOTE]
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  5. wellll got em

    WEELLL ALLLgot the siver giels going and come out good might do eyes over on some you are pikky bout that CRAP my amzon qween redo is dun and nomore will be dun i think fell and got made and glpoed on the paint but the red do ok now and look betr then be fore and if dont like hare TUFF welll alll this bleeper is not doing what whant and got stop it you see new pic soon TTFN ... (like this font )
  6. Painting the Nautiloid

    One of my all time favorite Step-By-Steps!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dblood View Post
    Hi all,

    Here is a step-by-step description of the painting of the Nautiloid Chrysalid I sculpted for DeepWars. This was a resin casting, primed black, then zenith primed from above and to the side with white. This works very well for giving a basic "shadow-map" with light and dark areas.

    Next, The
  7. Beginning Miniatures... Again!

    Mission:Win an award at a Golden Demon ContestPainting/Converting Skill Status: Ignorantly NewBackground: First, let me start by saying that I am 30 years old. The last time I truly washeavy in to mini's was in high school over 12 years ago. Since then, I joinedthe Army, got married and had three children. Needless to say, the time I coulddedicate to my geek roots was severely diminished. But recently, I came acrossa few battle boxes of Games Workshop minis on the cheap, and it rekindled the fireof ...
  8. troll

  9. welll its geting thare

    welll sloly puting em to getther and thare looking ok the new IGs girls youl see i will find a mini you bleeps will like and not call me a bad paiter or telll me i need plates or you just dont get it or beter yet dont play enny wargames ans TROLL the ENET to say bad things about other pepels paiting you dont even do it will be dun .. the one thing i will like to to is some 3D priting and get the tanks i need to do my IGS ans SPMs get them dun shud get more ork trucks and new batel whagen with the ...
  10. finaly

    WELLL ALL THARE HARE yes the minis are hare and asmbulled 6 of en and did my cavrgens of bleek ones yes you ALL will see when thare dun on the you tubs juyst did not like the minis as is and olny 3 of em will see how thay come out the rest welll havent got that fare yes but max minis look good and will be fun just with all hade 3 minis in both boxes got one with 2 ansd theother with you gees right 3 UUUUUUGGGF and both same price UNFARE hek add two of the same but lest thare butay now the hard ...

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