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  1. welll its new year big fat hairry daill

    welll nuther year and nuthing chainge well cant dio nuthing we got do some gameing may be that will chare me up will see look to the tube to see vid ALLL out thare yes i see the vew nubers and not smaill say some thing how speell bad or i liker the mies or dont over 400 cant be rong well all it might get beter hapy new year ALLLL
  2. first finished airbrush model - storm talon for my son

    So here is my first airbrushed model using vallejo model air and my custom spray booth with the airbrush that I got for Christmas. The effect is quite good, and I really enjoyed using the airbrush. The set up cost £70 for tank-compressor, ...
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  3. welll my evil plan

    well working rats and thinking of macking rinos out platic card why not need em fore the mariens will might do it be cool WW 1 like tack thiking be good got get the bakinni klad I G GIRLS WITH guns if not cavrt the dark elf wip girls cude not be that hard just give big boobs and guns plaining to do it enny who sop why not glade i have my icon onmy page OOOOO HATE that other one yes got post ne pitind minis will see nest week will have new pics well TTFN
  4. WIP - Orc Officer armed with mighty Crusher

  5. Ork - Werhmacht themed

    Salut les gens,

    J'ai commencé à monter une equipe d'ork version WW2.

    En fouillant dans mes affaires, je suis retombé sur une petite cox.

    Voici ce que j'en ai fait (pour le moment...)
    Elle sera utilisée en tant que buggy.


    Updated 12-23-2014 at 06:40 AM by criiokustom

    Painting and Modelling , Tabletop Gaming , Warhammer 40K
  6. new spray booth in operation

    I finally got to test my new spray booth today, and I am quite happy with the result. It was made using some leftover ply that i had in the garage and a 3m tumble dryer duct hose. The fan is a bathroom extractor unit which is the primary cost of the project. i also used some silicone sealant to fill the joints and the cable/plug from an old vacuum cleaner. Total cost about £24, so not bad really.
    I was using a respirator today as well, costing £15 and vented the duct out of the kitchen ...
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  7. My blog has moved! -

  8. its back

    welll by the vew numbers i see that lots youz like DA blogs and likle see coment how bad my speeling is got some SPMs dun and ready to bass it if like see what i ues for that go to redgreen09 on the you tue and see the vid got look at some minis more bakini baebs fore 4ok and WHFB think i get some thew maill will see wish this sight had 28mm in lbig groups looked up 10 minis 60 bucks NO my unit of wip girls frome GW of 3o my not hapen got find some othe maybe mantic but thay need more skin ...
  9. Frankitsu!

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankFJA View Post

    I painted some Eldar Pirates for a Rogue Trader scenario I'm running.

  10. Isaac Clarke handmade

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