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  1. Darth Revan handmade

  2. terran marine handmade

  3. Da Boss

  4. paying the cost to be Da Boss

    have just finished the basing of my orky warboss, have yet to give him a name. I have been using him as ghazgul thraka, who is the toughest ork out there. Very expensive to field yet very resilient and good at giving the space marine and tau a bit of a scare. That is if he ever gets through the hail of gunfire.
    I really like this model and have since bought another and customized him a lot more so that they can be ork brothers in my army. I have yet to paint the second one, and have a few ...
  5. Frankitsu!

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankFJA View Post
    Hello, My name is Frank and I'd like to kick start this with some of my personal favourite models. As the title suggests I take inspiration from John Blanche's old White Dwarf column ''Blanchitsu!''

    ''This sickly band of maurauders and mercenaries only recruit from the worst of their dying kin. Sadists, murderers and scitzophrenics are all welcome with open arms. They attack without rhyme or reason, whenever they see fit. Their armor smells of fresh blood

    Updated 10-30-2015 at 08:09 PM by FrankFJA

    Painting and Modelling , Tabletop Gaming , Warhammer 40K
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  6. Imperial Knight Warhammer 40000

    Bueno, pues aqui las fotos finales del caballero, he disfrutado muchisimo con esta pieza , y ahora ... a por la siguiente


    Updated 12-12-2014 at 12:41 PM by scipion94

    Tabletop Gaming , Warhammer 40K
  7. welllll did some thing

    welllll ALLL i did some paiting but not dun youl see soon buttt got do XMASS shopping say a week frome now just cant get out right yet got get some bakini clade girls with guns yes got calll the war store to see if have some just bore doing SPM fore 4ok OK space mariens got do some thing erotic and with stokings and might well go in my IGS play boy bunnys IGs camadows . fun stuff girls with guns wish i sculed beter i can do basick thing like hands and tenkels and tails but a 28mm babe with ...
  8. at the desk

    Well I have been working hard on some projects and now have a 1500pt army of 40k Orks to strip and repaint (second hand army).

    anyone have any tips on stripping models please share.
  9. welll shude be paiting

    yes i shud be paiting i got kaos 4ok and marines to do but i like to get more bakini girls wirh guns or swards rather do themthen boring guys enny day got calll the war store and see what say i shud call a friend of mine to see if vid of the LIHMCS hobby show yes i did not go to thisss year or last 8 years UUUUGG i did say things bout rthastto AALL out thare may be to nighr i will brack a ruel and paint rond my PC and lisen to some books on the you tube fond two i like the HHGTTG and disc world ...
  10. Big Maks mission

    Welcome all to my page, I am new to cmon although have been using the site images as a resource for the past year or two. I have been a big fan of games workshop minis since i was at school. Starting out with space hulk, space crusade and a lot of warhammer 40k skirmish scale battles. As i grew I concentrated more on the painting side of the hobby, and after a long break of 10 years plus I am now painting again. A lot has changed, and 50% of my paints had dried up but I was ready for a new ...

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