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  1. Paso a paso Hortack, andrea 54mm

    Muy buenas a todos!Voy a empezar este blog por la puerta grande, como suele decirse. Y para ello lo voy a inaugurar con un prceso de mi primer 54mm, Hortack cuervo negro de andrea, una mini que me ha encantado desde un principio, y que por fin pude comprar en reyes.La mini en cuestion es esta, como casi todos sabreis:Como en todo proceso, lo primero es la limpieza de la mini. Estas son las principales herramientas con la que hecho esto (limar, quitar lineas de molde, etc)En esta foto se puede apreciar ...
  2. amazons finished

  3. Define "productivity" ...

    Productivity is a tricky word to define sometimes. Tonight, for example, I got this much work done on my Wardancer Noble before I got finished the first page of a term paper in Comparative Literature.I still have a lot of work to do on the paper, so I won't dwell on the definition of productivity for too long... surely there's some wiggle room to accomodate the important things in life, like Wood Elves?
  4. let them have boobs

    Since the boob related posts are obviosuly the most popular, and in demand, I give you The Warrior Cult of Athena. The whole unit, and first a clost up of the HQ: (more later)

  5. The Calm Before The Storm

    Things have been quiet here on the modeling front as of late due to the impending storm that is Trivia. I know we're not the only ones who do this across hte US (as a trivia freak, I'd better know!) but it's one of the larger, and longer ones, and fun none the less.

    Our local state college student run radio station - 88.1 KVSC - runs a 50 hour Trivia Marathon every February. Yes, 50 hours straight, from 5pm Friday evening all the way through Sunday evening 7pm - non stop. They ask 9 ...
  6. Presentación

    Muy buenas a todos!Después de mucho tiempo pensándolo, he decidido abrir mi propio blog en donde ir subiendo las fotos de mis proyectos en minis.Mi nombre es Javier Uceda, de 16 años, y vivo en España. Llevo pintando minis desde los 10 años, pero he empezado en serio hace 2. Sin embargo mis progresos van despacio. Por eso creo que este blog me va a servir bastante, sobre todo para ver mis avances y por la ayuda que vuestros comentarios puedan dar.Sin mas me despido, ...
  7. I love being right, you can see it right there. 32 gig iPod Touch, surprisingly affordable. My predictions about solid state memory going down in price are holding up. I still say that we'll have a 128 gig MacBook Air by September (and $400 price drop on the current model... yeah I'm getting cocky and I love it!). If the prices drop this summer I'll officially be starting my told you so dance.
  8. Nurgle Daemon Prince

    I had this bugger lying around unfinished for about two years until motivation finally kicked in and I managed to paint all the fun bits.
    In retrospect I should have used more than one color for the flesh. Furthermore I nowadays prefer tp paint in shadows rather then just spill the tried and tested Glaze Medium / Ink-mixture over everyting.
    Still one of the best minis I´ve ever painted and a good opportunity to try some new stuff.

    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. Deinonychus, party of 4. . .

    I'm really happy with the way these came out. Never tried to get an skin like this before so for for a first go, I'm pleased:

  10. Wood Elf army progress

    Well I'm happy to say that things are still going well in the campaign for me, I'm 3-0 with nothing but Massacre results so far. Granted it's extremely hard to tie in games of 500-700 points, where killing a single unit and capturing its banner is enough for an easy win. At any rate I find myself in first place out of 17 players, and that means that in 2 weeks when we meet again I will have a bonus 100 points for my army.Things like that are good news/bad news for me, since I have to paint models ...

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