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  1. Two WIP models to report on

    I put a little bit of work this afternoon into some models, if I get them done tonight without completely destroying my chances of getting my homework finished for the weekend, then I'll enter them in the Golden Goblin painting contest Saturday.The Spellsinger is for the army, and isn't done to a true contest standard by any stretch of the imagination. I want one for Sunday's gaming though and I'll take whatever motivation I can get :-)
  2. Commision Works

     PRICING Please note :
    Prices reflect the significant investment in time it takes to paint quality miniatures. Many painting services paint to "levels" of quality, but I prefer to paint each and every figure to the highest standard possible. This demands loads of time and patience, and more than a little skill. I refuse to just slop paint on minis and call them done. Because of this, my services are generally reserved for characters and single minis. Commission prices ...
  3. Feel free to visit my website!

  4. lidocane, betadine, and blood, oh my!

    3 stitches, left index finger knuckle. :
    Numb right now, and nothing serious but definately going to slow things down for a few days.

    Here's a not great picture of Sr. Vavasour from the other night, just for something:

  5. Man it's been a long time.......

    <span style="font-size: 7.5pt; font-family: verdana">Let's see.&nbsp; What's happened in my life since I last blogged?<p>&nbsp;</p></span><span style="font-size: 7.5pt; font-family: verdana">The holidays generally blew chunks&rsquo;.&nbsp; I had NO Thanksgiving and Christmas (also my birthday) I worked until midnight EVEN THOUGH WE HAD A BOMB THREAT and the upper management decided not to evacuate the building.&nbsp; New Years ...
  6. Bogeyman from TALE of WAR Next Step

    It has been a while from my last post of this big beauty. This time I finished his base using oleos to make it looks colourful. Hope you like it and you will post some comments guys!!!!! Love to read them.
  7. I hate being sick...

    So I caught a sinus infection and missed a week of work and a solid two weeks of painting. I tried painting but couldn't even see the figure in my hand let alone what I was painting, so decided I was better off sleeping.On the plus side, I had ordered a bunch of stuff and it all came in! 10 OOP orcs from GW purchased on ebay, and a tiny 1:144 display case! The only negative was being charged $14 shipping for a tiny box with a $3 stamp on it.
    I also bought a Warhammer empire militia box and ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. Major update - three new albums added

    In the process of adjusting and restructuring I added 3 new albums covering several last year projects that either never made to coolmini or never made it in full. All in all about 30 pictures were added between three albums. The links are bellow. 1) Green Howling banshees 2) Green Wave Serpent 3) Striking Scorpions on Austin street Many of these pictures were taken by Richard Hale from The Stuff of Legends, who was covering Baltimore 2007 GD and was able to work inside ...
  9. Tea for 6.

    Well the PCs for this Space1889 group are all done, aside from one that is still on back order.

    And a closer look at the last two:

  10. Trukk WIP and Apocalypse Surprise.

    I finished the Ork Trukk bed this weekend. There is an amazing amount of detail on such small surface area there. The roll bars are nearly finished as well, then I can move on to the chassis and engine. The chassis should be pretty quick - grey/dirt highlights with quick but subtle metal dry brush and a coat of rusty wash to blend and age/weather the piece. I'm not going to be too picky as it's underneath everything else. I also found a neat little project toy at the local thrift store, for ...

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