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  1. Trukk WIP and Apocalypse Surprise.

    I finished the Ork Trukk bed this weekend. There is an amazing amount of detail on such small surface area there. The roll bars are nearly finished as well, then I can move on to the chassis and engine. The chassis should be pretty quick - grey/dirt highlights with quick but subtle metal dry brush and a coat of rusty wash to blend and age/weather the piece. I'm not going to be too picky as it's underneath everything else. I also found a neat little project toy at the local thrift store, for ...
  2. WIP update: Comments always welcome.

       Christmas lasted far longer than expected, and then (as always) I have managed to get myself distracted. I have been working on the CMON unite project for the last couple of weeks and the latest WIPs are shown here. I still need to work on the base and repaint some little bits. I have a week to finish it and so comments and/or advice are very welcome. The theme is after the battle and I have decided to go for the priest "healing" the enemy injured. I removed the shield and ...
  3. stiff upper lip

  4. The prize for the most difficult to clean mini goes to....

    YES! The new Orck Big Mek with a shock attack gun from game workshop. This kit is really something. First of all, for a pewter mini it is really multipart and I already see how much corrections I have to make in the near future. Mold lines are everywhere (multiplied by the number of parts). Flashes.. Those are even worse. The model has several sculpted chains with 3-4 flushes on EACH chain link. Lots of hiden flashes on his boots....Snotling... The whole thing is about 1 cm long and it had about ...
  5. Thorvin : Enigma Miniaturas :

    Hello everybody!. I have painted this miniature two weeks ago. I tryed to follow a warm scheme of colours just using red, orange and leathers and then adding yellows for most metalics. Hope you like it.FOR SALE!! FOLLOW THE LINK:

    It was an easy to paint miniature with an amazing sculptwork. I tryed to draw a butterfly pattern on his chest and left shoulder using beiges, oranges and red colours...

    This one is the second miniature ...
  6. pith helmets and sabers

    There will be a lot more pith helmets and swords to come when I get to the Queen's Own Regiment, but I'm enjoying these two dashing fellows at the moment:

  7. Freehand woes

    Once again I stuck with freehand painting. Here is the dilemma. When you free paint on minies whatever you do amount to small detail, right? So the size and the quality of brush tip are really important. Now, If you take very small brush, say 000 or even smaller the amount of paint it can hold is very small so it dries very fast. If you take a bigger brush the tip isn’t fine enough. So, I settled for long kolinsky liners. BUT….. Problem with them that paint doesn’t dry on ...
  8. Heavy Metal Trukk

    I started the metal work for my boyz trukk this week. Here's the steps I use.

    I sprayed the panels that are going to be mostly red with Testors Flat Red enamel in two very light coats, then go over all the details I want to be metal with Chaos Black.

    The first photo is all of the metal areas blocked out. This is the longest part of the process, and the most tedious. A note on "doing a clean job" versus the "messiness of orks". I go through ...
  9. Bogeyman from TALE of WAR Miniatures

    Hello everybody!!This is my first post in this new blog. I will start with some shots from my current WIP miniature. My own version of our BOGEYMAN :-D Hope you like it, I love read comments ;-)cheers!Deucalion
  10. 3 to the wind

    Enough of that web-wrangling, time to get back to painting. Finished these three (all but detail touchup) tonight:

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