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  1. Reasearch log

    As an ambassador of boardgames I'm researching several age and social groups to find the perfect games for them. This is subject 0401, a perfect candidate for zombie games although she seemed to have difficulties of understanding the difference in the nature of slow and fast zombies.
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  2. A Zombicide zombot mounted on a coin... WIP

    Quote Originally Posted by Big_Bunny View Post
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    Any critisism and/or advice from experienced painters is welcome.

    Mounted on one Swedish Kroner (15US cents, not a bad price for a solid, heavy base).

    Left to go is the grey skirt, the base and some details & gore.

    It's my first go at sheer fabric ... that's what the mess on her stockings is supposed to represent. I probably should have read a tutorial first but anyway ... it will do for the tabletop.
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