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  1. new do new stuff

    well ALL got do new stuff got tune old thing but to get thing going got get some ne the thing i whas thinking to do get some mantic games stuff sen the new demen stuff and like the sugaby yes wth somwe well boob jogs and difent paint jog and some SMbd stuff i do em up as demens of sedish and ues as that fore WHFB but can ues em as the sugby in kings of war thats my EVIL plain and got get more amaoons from war lord games and ned hores or some riding crecher thing otsages go look fore the right ...
  2. Our next events

    Jornada de rol y juegos de mesa [Central Fixión] March 26 (1-7pm)
    1744A Tapia oriente, Centro 64000, Monterrey, Nuevo León

    CJMC 48 (Cintermex) April 1-3 (10-9)
    501 Fundidora Ave. Obrera, 64010 Monterrey, NL, México
    Tabletop Gaming , Other
  3. The first step is always the hardest!!!

    Hi members,
    as you can see I am new here and have with the miniature painting recently started. I poste sometimes some Minis here and simply wanted to know what you say in addition.

    Your Crissis.

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  4. WIP Reapers Sarah the seeress

    Quote Originally Posted by SQRT(-2) View Post
    Please excuse the photo, it was taken with my phone in my living room.

    I am working on a new miniature and I am trying to do my best on it as a baseline and it seems to be missing something. Any ideas? What does she need?

    reapers Sarah the seeress
    rustolum painters touch flat black primer
    P3 paints and washes
    Armypainter wargamer monster brush
    armypainter anti
  5. welll 216

    new year we hope to get lots dun and the two book we hope to get the IGs and ork last SPM just got what fore it the bronz age minis back burner olny if get a 100.oo buck fore nuthing will se 20 topples barbaren girls wish cheeperthen i gt 40 or 80 of em to do 3 uents of speers swords and halbets all units of 20 but NO wil see like get hygra minis valkary ALLLL the mini but the jet bikes $ 90 bucks EEEERRRGGGG but get new sexsay IGs be fun to have and some got whips hay the camand needs ...
  6. welll almost hare and

    well nuther year going by and yes NOT a singel retive got me enny gaming kits minis or sipies at all but that no big un hek like have saosege and chezz to but nun that hek bad lego stuff dont know i just send awhay to bronz age minis and get 20 topples barbaen girls be 20 of em like have that or a new dimosher kit with a tek prest like get two of em hek liie get the UA mod fore dawn of war maybe after the holday just go over to best by and have the geek swoud put on the last vid game ...
  7. First ever painting projectL Space Hulk 3rd ed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halden View Post
    I have seen minis. I have seen painted minis. I never thought it would be something I would get into but then a deal too good to turn down on a Space hulk 3rd ed. came up. So as of about a month ago now I have been bitten by the Mini painting bug.

    Here are some photos of the first mini to get painted. Brother Zael the heavy flamer.

    I made some obvious mistake with a heavy layer of primer and paint on his right leg that obliterated a crest detail but overall I am
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  8. welll posted a new vid ON THE YOU TUBS

    WELL did hole butch of marens and just did a vid on em on the you tubes got 4 hit right off and got do more of em later got post some pic hare to the one thing going to do is a decail that biger then one i did and ues that as my shoder pade think you see on this sight just got print up dont like paiting it and do more poly clay bages fore baners got do some KAOS ultes just do the not marens my think of geting 40 topes viking grils fell the but we will see got get from bronz age minis 4o will ...
  9. Intro

    Good time, everyone here.

    My name`s Daniel, I`m an artist from Russia.
    I started to paint miniatures in October 2015.
    My best friend has a great collection of GW Orcs&Goblins miniatures, but one part of them was painted terrible and the other part was not painted ever.
    I tried to paint some of them and I liked it very much.
    Now I continue to paint and learn to paint. Today I have about 10 finished miniatures and a lot of in progress.
    So, my friend ...
    Tabletop Gaming , Other
  10. Urghum Yedharo

    Anyone has been dumb enough to have bought this figurine? I've been.. thought it was a stunning figurine.. well the master was.. after two hours spend on cleaning the cast seems on the figurine started on the metal pieces.. he hold two heads in his hand, one of them is deformed that you can't even make out it's a head and the same thing for one of the skulls that are on the sticks.. wrote a mail to Yedharo and posted on their FB.. not a peep.. can't do anything with that figurine so it's a total ...
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