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  1. new spray booth in operation

    I finally got to test my new spray booth today, and I am quite happy with the result. It was made using some leftover ply that i had in the garage and a 3m tumble dryer duct hose. The fan is a bathroom extractor unit which is the primary cost of the project. i also used some silicone sealant to fill the joints and the cable/plug from an old vacuum cleaner. Total cost about £24, so not bad really.
    I was using a respirator today as well, costing £15 and vented the duct out of the kitchen ...
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  2. My blog has moved! -

  3. its back

    welll by the vew numbers i see that lots youz like DA blogs and likle see coment how bad my speeling is got some SPMs dun and ready to bass it if like see what i ues for that go to redgreen09 on the you tue and see the vid got look at some minis more bakini baebs fore 4ok and WHFB think i get some thew maill will see wish this sight had 28mm in lbig groups looked up 10 minis 60 bucks NO my unit of wip girls frome GW of 3o my not hapen got find some othe maybe mantic but thay need more skin ...
  4. Frankitsu!

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankFJA View Post

    I painted some Eldar Pirates for a Rogue Trader scenario I'm running.

  5. Isaac Clarke handmade

  6. Darth Revan handmade

  7. terran marine handmade

  8. Da Boss

  9. paying the cost to be Da Boss

    have just finished the basing of my orky warboss, have yet to give him a name. I have been using him as ghazgul thraka, who is the toughest ork out there. Very expensive to field yet very resilient and good at giving the space marine and tau a bit of a scare. That is if he ever gets through the hail of gunfire.
    I really like this model and have since bought another and customized him a lot more so that they can be ork brothers in my army. I have yet to paint the second one, and have a few ...
  10. Frankitsu!

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankFJA View Post
    Hello, My name is Frank and I'd like to kick start this with one of my personal favourite models. As the title suggests I take inspiration from John Blanche's old White Dwarf column ''Blanchitsu!''

    ''Stop fool! You must not move... you must not speak in his presence without consent, lest it is YOUR face that he shall skin. Under his ownership you will learn one thing: the Lord must wear a new face each and every day... I cannot count how many times he has mocked
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