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  1. welll thare at agen

    well soly but shory geting em dun my devel girls from mantic games and yes ther harsh cridis of thiss sight dont like my new bunny girl that crummy pic wish i can ues my new cam but ha on all youZ got on the you tubs and thinking posting a non ceserd one on fack book hauy fliker shud do that wish i cud post that on my hana fondray page i whonder ???? well may be i try will see now the new devel girls are tacking long time becaous you cant do em all at one shot loke the if had all the same stuff ...
  2. the bunnys are cuming

    well got the buny girl that i got at the zenkaikon this year if like see it at this time you got go to the you tubes yes will tacl pics and add it hare you will see the mini soon and yes shes toples and big bobed or busty and shes at the beatch you see the other thing is my devel girls are comeing out OK you see en yes on the you tube and hare well some eme got siome stuff going and have em with one hare stiel that did not come with em yes ponny tails you will see em to so thats it TTFN
  3. thare hare

    well got the matic devel girls finnly worig on em well not yet will be soon you see em on the you tube and yes all geing big tits desied that sens i have to put all to gether and well desed that all nee big er boobs that what come in pack and get them and going look so cool and have imps and going to do exsily dim wid thing and some not so nice hay thare imps thay dont know beter so see em dun on the you tube at regreen09 well got get back to them TTFN
  4. usariadna devil dogs

  5. [Infinity] Usariadna - Van zant

    Name:  van.jpg
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    I made a cigarette for him.


    Tabletop Gaming , Other
  6. Infinity Achilles

  7. Cthulhu Wars minis

    Finished all 7 factions for Cthulhu Wars. Wonderful minis. Comments/suggestions welcome
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  8. well the ones who run the BLEERRS

    well just got off the mini page and this AAAARRRGGGGG!!!1 15mm minis copany had to COOL war beast a tisirtops and war mamith AAAARRGG in yers CRAP 15MM who in right mind play in BBBLLLLEEEEPPP 15MM cant stand that hek my amazons will be fild in if whasent that CRAPP 156mm BUT NO some dim dumb ass reasention we have 15mm aaaeeggggreef!@@%#^A%#$ hate 15mm or smailer it sucks !!!! just pissed that dimwits cant do it 29mm or 32mm all get cpap BTP had tun of thows dam 15mm minis hole armys and liker ...
  9. bloodletter battle standard

    Name:  20160323_220355.jpg
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Size:  538.7 KBName:  20160323_220355.jpg
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    Used more of a planted flag type thing to allow for space from all the custom positioning and extra arms
  10. bloodletter wip "curb stomp"

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