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Me, Myself and I

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Before posting my first pictures of painted metal (and plastics) I thought I'd put up some personal data (done't worry, I won't get too personal):

Roleplaying games:
1999-current: LARP
2001-current: Playing D&D
2002-2005: DM for D&D campaign with classmates @ college
2002-current: DM for a Maztica D&D campaign (reboot in 2007)
2003-current: Playing White Wolf (Vampire, Werewolf, Exalted)
2005-current: Scenario for LARP (crew member)

Painting miniatures:
1990: Hero Quest board game with lots of neat plastic minis! :-)
2002: Bought first batch of Games Workshop metals, experimenting
2003: I-Kore (RIP) and Reaper minis, hard to come by
2005: Further experimenting, painting with actual mini paints (GW)
2008: Hobby room (built a house!) w plenty room for minis!
2009: Finally started to get better at painting minis...
2010: Warmachine, Black Scorpion, Hasslefree, ... the list goes on!

I hope to post some pics soon... Stay tuned!

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