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The Saga continues

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<p>So there I was, having written an email to a friend, ready to go back to Cmon and see how everyone's life is when, what happens?&nbsp; You guessed it!&nbsp; The power goes out yet again!&nbsp; At.....wait for it!......11:00 in the morning!</p><p>I found out whats going on.&nbsp; The tornado took out some power lines and they are trying to get them replaced before the kiddies go to school tomorrow.&nbsp; But I ask you, does it make sense to shut down the power at the hottest time of day in a desert on the hottest weekend of the year that just happens to be a holiday weekend?&nbsp; If they're going to work at night anyway, why not shut down the power at midnight and bring it back up around 1:00 in the afternoon?</p><p>Needless to say I was happy to get to work.&nbsp; I have power, air conditioning and access to a computer untill midnight.&nbsp; Maybe by the time I get home the power will be back on.&nbsp; </p>

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