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Whispers Skin - Testers

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Have been starting my painting with the beautiful Whispers, finally finishing a unit will be a big deal for me . However, their previous skin-tone is very monochrome (Fortress Grey, Badab Black Wash, Codex Grey, Skull White) and I was hoping to put some colour into it. Observer suggested purples and blues and this struck a chord, while my boyfriend suggested I use flesh tones as the interim so the blue would have a greater contrast.

So far, I have only done washes over Fortress Grey:


A- Purple

B- Blue

C- Blue/Black

D- Black


While C is my favourite so far, I think I may need to use stronger colours in my wash to get it across when the majority of it is white. Whispers have very pale skin so I'm not willing to paint them purple or anything.


Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?

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