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Stripping Whispers

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Well, I finally got around to stripping the two already painting Whispers in preparation for my colour changes/updates and general (hopefully) upgrading of my models.

As the models are metal, I use a cheap acetone-based nail varnish remover. My models had several layers of paint on them, along with a gloss varnish and then matt. I left them in the acetone for 24 hours and then carefully peeled the paint off the models. It comes off fairly easily, but I wouldn't recommend scrubbing as it just makes life harder for you. Use something small and fairly sharp to pick bits of paint out of recesses.

My whispers in the solution:


And these are my whispers after being stripped. Mouse over the image to see what they looked like beforehand!


Really impressed by how beautifully they came out! Time to basecoat them and get them ready for their skinwork .

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