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And so it begins...

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I first heard about WH40K sometime between my primary and high school (back then in Poland we used to have a 3-step education system: primary school, high school, college). In 1992 I was on a summer language course in Sheffield, UK, and there, in a GW store, I bought my first Space Marines tactical squad (2nd ed.) and a dedicated paint set (spending a big part of my money on it). Right about this time first wargaming stores started opening up back home. I was instantly immersed in the WH40K universe, but as a teenager with skimpy financial resources I couldn't really afford to collect an army. And so, after some years of fun, during which I have considerably developed my painting skills, I finally let it go - I went to college and forgot about minis. But time went by and after over 10 years I met some guys who still do it - and I thought "Hey, I'm over 30 now, I have time and money, why not get back to it?". And, well, I did.

What has always attracted me to WH40K was the fluff, the universe itself. I never really gamed - I probably will now, but I'm not a very tactical-minded person, so I will probably keep losing But it doesn't matter, because why I really collect and paint minis is to put them in a display case and admire them, and brag about them on the Internet. Which I intend to do on this very blog.


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