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Toil and pain...

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...are the best words to describe finishing first part of my second tactical squad. I couldn't have dealt with all 10 of them, so I split them into combat squads for painting purposes. It was horrible - I must regain my strength before I make myself finish those squads up.

One could ask - why not finish the first squad? The answer is simple - two squads with minimum numbers allow me to start gaming, whereas one in full strength can at best battle the dustballs on my windowsill, where it customarily resides. Apart from that - I have assembled them in somewhat unimaginative fashion and, after seeing some super-dynamical poses my friend managed to squeeze out of his Space Wolves, decided to complete both squads with some more action-oriented battle-brothers to balance the static look of marines already finished.

There is really nothing much I can say about the tactical marines themselves, they're just more of the same. I am proud though with their veteran sergeant, originally a Veteran Marine With Lightning Claws miniature, whom I've equipped with power axe and bolt pistol taken from assault squad sprue. I've also added the squad banner - he's got this stoical pose which goes pretty well with it. Red helmet, a sergeant symbol taken from Ultramarines, nicely contrasts with rather dark black-on-blue armour.

Surprisingly my old camera managed to take quite nice pictures of it, in need of just a minimum of contrast/lightness tweaking, which makes me proud of myself even more.

Anyway, lo and behold:


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