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3rd company Army List

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So, here's the army list for the Salamanders.

I used 5th edition for the list.

First of all we have the HQ.

They are led by a Captain with a stormbolter and a power fist.

The Command Squad consists of a Champion with power sword & combat shield

An Apothecary.

3 Veterans 1 standard bearer with a combi melta gun.

1 Flamer

1 Vet with Power Fist & Plasma Pistol.

Total Cost: 128 for the captain. 200 for the squad.

Then a Predator tank with twin lascannons, side spontons with lascannons and a hunter killer missile.

cost: 130 pts.

Assault Marines.

The sarge has a power fist and combat shield.

cost: 140 pts

A Dreadnought.

with twin lascannon and heavy flamer, and extra armour.

cost: 160 pts

Scout squad.

All have sniper rifles.

cost: 75 pts

Tactical Squad 1.

10 marines, one with meltagun, one missile launcher. The Sarge has a combiflamer and a power fist.

cost: 130 pts

Tactical 2

undecided atm

Sternguard veterans.

These are oldschool '88 marines.

I have 9 of them.

The sarge has a powersword

As such they cost 240, I'll adjust this later with more weapon options.

The veterans have a Razorback.

It has a dozer blade and extra armour, a twin linked lascannon.

and a Storm bolter on top.

cost: 85 pts.


Ill adjust the list later.

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