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Salamander HQ squad

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This is probably the toughest bunch to paint in any army.

With all those details I find myself wishing for some decent paints. I use Tamya and deco paints but especially the whites and yellows are a royal pain.

My first attempt at a banner failed because I used the wrong black, it had a hard time drying and so it got smudged. Also, the white really isn't white at all. I do like the background colour though.


I had the most trouble with my champion. I started out giving him a gold base colour but that didn't look very nice. So I used the army green, copper and a red/yellow helmet. As you can see this failed as well. I think I'll just have to strip the paint and start over.


The copper shoulderpads are quite nice, if cleaned and the flames on the shield could probably be corrected.



Next, I've given the inside of the Captain's cloak a fiery theme.



I wanted the fire to return so I started flaming his boots as well.


Unfortunatley I used purple as the base of his boots and it looks just...chaotic.


Here I started with the background of the company Standard and had a tryout for an assault marine.


I removed the assaultmarines chainsword and gave it to the apothecary.


Somehow, my paints seem to want to smudge all the time. Also, here's a good example of how my white gets all ugly. The silver and copper on his chest will need serious cleaning.





And there you have it. Still loads of work on them...


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