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The Silent King

In the beginning...

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I'd like to start off with extending my appreciation towards those who have somehow stumbled across this blog in its earliest, non-ready state. This blog will soon be fleshed out with miniature projects and material, and what I can only hope will be to some, references.

I am thrilled for differentiating reasons: this blog thusly starts my tumultuous attempts at not simply painting sculptures, but creating artistic representations of believable fantasy. I intend to blend the surreal into the pragmatic by using realistic paint schemes to characterize people and clothing, contrasting highly with the imaginative and fantastical quirks that will be embodied on each model. This generates only excitement for me as I can now contribute in some small way to the extremely efficient community that makes up Cool Mini Or Not.

Words do little to prepare, assemble and ready my miniatures.... With that said, so long for now, and please keep an eye on this blog as it will grow in material as I grow into a painter.

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