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The beginnings

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Hi, Just a short introduction to my blog. Click the title for the full post. I'm a digital artist, specialising in character design. I do various 3d modeling/lighting/renderin work for film, games and architecture. Recently I looked at warhammer again after at least 10 years, the new pieces and styles blew me away.  Paints and whatnotI'm absolutely new to the world, the game rules and I'll probably make some serious mistakes but I want to build up an army of well painted figures, with the hope of taking some of them to display standards. 

An image above shows my paints and whatnot. Currently I'm set up on my main desk, but a second is coming tomorrow to just be used for painting/sculpting. 

That's all for now, I do hope to update this blog regularly, as and when I paint new pieces, learn new techniques, or just have something to say. 

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