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An apology and many gratitudes for all.

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Hi friends, still I'm okay and live safe, although the radiation marks 0.6 to 3 micro SV per an hour arounds my town.

First of all, as one of Nihon-jin(Japanese), I apologize to all of you for let you get worried about these accidents still go worse.

For since the area I live in is declared as "should keep inside the door" and "prepare for escape if emergency occurs", we can't receive neither cargo service nor distribution so that almost what I can know what is going on is only from net at all. And afraid if the situaton takes long to be concluded, the radiation may harm children I serve because I'm working in a facility of therapy for ID children.

On the other hands, I received a lot of heartfull messages from many.

Thanks for all of them.

For Example, Poots of Kingdom Death provides their products Twilight knight pinup for free as a contribution item via distributor Full Metal Planet. Though I can't receive them because my cargo services went out, the retailer told me he has kept one for me.

Why nihon-jin did not commit crime after the disaster is not miraculous at all, as like shown above, it is only a result of peoples had acted what they could, not from self sacrifice but from friendship. It is enough for reason, nihon-jin or not doesn't matter I think.

Excuse my poor capability for english.

Thanks again.

Dancing Whiskers.

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  1. supervike's Avatar
    You have no reason to apologize. Please continue to be safe and we all hope your life and country can get back to being normal soon.
    Take care.
  2. Trovarion's Avatar
    Man, please don't apologise! everywhere around the world goverments are ignorant about nuclear power, everywhere else they are just lucky nothing major happened yet. It is a government and company fault, not that of the JApanese people....Our thoughts and well wishes are with you and your people, please be safe and wish you all the best!
  3. skeeve's Avatar
    Yes, you indeed have nothing to apologize.
    Well, I remember 1986 all to well. My mother was in Ukraine, ~ 150km from Chernobyl. A number of people from her organization actually participated in cleaning efforts afterward and several deal with consequences even now. Be very very careful. If you have access to personal dosimeter - use it.In ideal world they should consider evacuating you
  4. No Such Agency's Avatar
    Glad to hear a fellow painter and CMON'er is safe and sound.
  5. Dragonsreach's Avatar
    You have no reason to apologise, for anything. As far as a lot of people in England are concerned we admire the Japanese (Nihon-jin) ability and respect towards keeping manners in such a terrible situation. I know that we in Europe and in fact most Gai-jin couldn't behave in such a restrained manner.
    You and all Nihon-jin have my best wishes and respect in these most dangerous times.
    Be well and take care.

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