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Tired of Comp lists

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     I know this is a bit of a rant on my part, but by me explaining this first it gives insight into why I've begun the Army that I have.  I've gotten tired of reading over page after page of comp lists.  I understand that a large portion of the individuals that play 40k enjoy tournaments and competative play, but when you get to the third or fourth post about using Corteaz and putting three Acolytes in a Chimera with melta, it makes me wonder why would you even play a GK army.   

     It was because of this I went from collecting what was needed for a small 2-3k point GK army (remember that a Paladin squad with Apothacary is 625 base points) to amassing a 10k point GK battle company made to do what GKs do best. 

     I'll be using this blog to track and record my progress of assembling this unit as well as what new techniques I'll be learning along the way.


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