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My 1st Blog

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Not sure if anyone will read this or even see it, but I have decided to do a blog.  Primarily about painting and my achievements or improvements to my painting over the next 12 months.  However general goings on in life might slip into it. 

So about 18 months ago I got my old WH40K stuff out of storage in the shed and gave them to my then 7yo son.  He loved it and the whole Warhammer type story stuff, as not only did I have figures but old Codex’s, rules and white dwarfs.  I hadn't realised the rules had moved on about 4 editions since I last played.  Anyway started touching up a few of the damaged figures, this led to painting a couple that hadn't been painted etc.  Had a whole Dark Angel force still in its box, these suddenly became the Winged Dagger Chapter as my son persuaded me to paint them up.  Ok didn’t take a lot of persuading, this was soon added to when my son received the AoB for Christmas.  Now we also had a growing ork horde to go with Space Marines, some really old chaos marines and imperial guard.  These forces have continued to grow and I probably have got a little carried away on eBay at times.  Will try and get some pics of stuff I have had locked away for year on here and some of my first attempts this time round.

Have to admit I liked the plastic kits and the options it gives you to modify characters etc.  I have a couple of good little conversions which at the moment I think are better than the painting. 

What am I planning to do with this blog?  Firstly show where I have come from in the last 12 months in terms of painting, secondly set out some goals and show the progress I am making and generally try and keep a record of what I have painted.  This will be via words and pictures.  Like I said earlier it might also included my own opinions on life etc. 

That’s it for now will add some more later.  And some Pics



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