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Progress report: Tervigon W.I.P.

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Godamn thanks for TEPCO, I'd desided to leave my town and been busy for moving this period.

Although so that I could make progress my mini works very few, I'd like to write my progress report to tell my foreign friends that I'm okay.

Tervigon trampling leman-russ battle tank, crashing-craws are under being expanded.

From the memory I'd been impressed most in my life from 'We are the world - the USA for Africa',  still it's incredible for me foreign friends won't be able to act as like nihon-jin(japanese people) did this time if they were placed in similar case.

For talk about this topic, I bought the text named Special lecture on japan earthquake with Michael Sandel.

I know it may sounds VERY STRANGE though most of nihon-jin doesn't have faith in any gods in the manner of foreign people does, they include my own self, had kept manner as like whole nihon-jin as one large family.

 So that I STILL BELIEVE there's no reason foreign friends have faith for the god can't act as one great big family under the gods.

Excuse my poor capability for english, thanks.


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  1. funnymouth's Avatar
    oops! my previous comment was about this model.

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