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Progress report DoM2: W.I.P.

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Hi, there.

Finally I brought back my tools and miniatures to my new aportment.So became to be able to restart works for miniatures again.

There're cases that a side work get more interest than main ones, I've started to sculpt my Doom of Malan'tai first in my play.

You may find this DoM is something diferent from in my post in the past. Yes, you are right. I make his brain bigger.

Thanks to Woodland scenics for their nice product rock mold made by rubber, I could camouflage blass wire in his body in Greenstuff rock to assist him stands.

Anoter side view for DoM.

Though  I intended to build him with more bitz parts of tyranids in the beginning of I started to sculpt this, seems to be nearly totally sculpted.

Another view of DoM from backword.

I will continue to sculpt him to give him vents like ordinally zoanthropes today. Please keep waiting for my next update.

Thanks for reading.

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