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Introducing my tools.

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Hi, there.

This time I'm going to try introduce my tools for it was my subscribers request in my country.

I'm very ashamed on it bacause I'm just a beginner that I started sculpt in these a few months ago at least essentialy.

Japanese letters in picture are described in follows

These spatulas in picture above are the all spatulas I have (about 2000 Yen with total I remember).
All are purchased from a ordinally models shop near by my apartment.

 Sorted by frequency of use from left as much  to right as less.

1.Knife like end spatula on the other ends has a trowel like head. In most cases of sculpt, this is the spatula only I use.

2.Both ends have scimitar like heads.I use this one to make back carapases of my nids. Useful in works to sculpt images like ripping carapase from fresh.

3.The one both ends have needle like heads. I use this to make molds looks like gets elonged from inside, for exampele, muscles.

4.I afraid that it may difficult to tell from number 5, this one has small spoon like heads on both of its ends.
 I use this enhancing slits in fine details (like DoM's wrinkles) or recover of finger prints I made in mistake.

5.This one has ball like ends on both side is useful when sculpt a dent of nids front carapase seems like ribs. It may become more frequent to use this because though I did not use this not so much times, there were times no one was useful but this.

6.This triangle corn on both ends spatula has very few times to be used. I think this may useful for mechanical models.

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