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Rock molds of rubber

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This time, I'm going to talk about my rock pattern decolation on bases as like DoM's one in the notes below.

"Wow, you are spending times for bases of minis too!"some persons cried I've met in GW hobby centres in japan, but always end with "hm, what a nice tool you use.." with some disapointed tunes if I introduce about this rock mold of rubber from Woodland Scenics.

Excuse me for disapointing you with this, but this is such a useful tool for make bases of minis to add something different from ordinally ones.

Japanese letters in picture are described in follows

(2011/09/27 update for advantages of this mold should be keep a part of this article, not in a comment for answer the quesation, I think )

The advantages of using this mold with epoxy puttys I think are;

 (1)strong bonding with base.

By pshing base onto putty in mold before gets hard, it gets very hard bonding rather than PVC glue or super glue especially in case of drill with pin vice later.

(2)light weight and toughness.

As you can see, putty is lighter than same omount of actual rock, and stronger than cork against for bending stress with heavy model as like Doom of Malan'tai I'm building in belows.

(3)High adjustibility with model mede of putty.

In my DoM case, strong bonding of putty and assist ability for its stand by him ownself was important. High adjustaibility from senery rock and model were both made from putty was acted to strong assist for making this model. I wish these are suitable reasons for you either. 

(4)Easy to add  works later.

Let keep the shaft of flyng base, want to plant grasses on a rocks to represent growth through cracks, if the new ideas spring to your mind in a progress, imagine it.

With using actual rocks, there's no way to choose. Remove rock from base and restart with find a new  rocks suitable in their sizes.

With corks, yes, they may eazy to work with, even though there're a possibility corks to get crumble, maybe.

I'm not professional modeler at all, so that I won't make my minis just as same as them planned. So putty's feature of easy to work is very important for me, 

There are some variations of this rubber piece I know, is priced about 1,200 yen for each, and can be purchaced from some model shops who treat train models or dioramas as their items.

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  1. Chern Ann's Avatar
    Looks like molds of... rock? Weird product, what's the advantage of using these as opposed to cork or actual rock?

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