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Progress report DoM4:W.I.P.

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I planned to have finished to sculpting my DoM until this sunday, and started to paint with hiveguard, shrikes and PoM, but failed.

The reason of why I failed was work without clear image for his limbs.

Though yes, there was way to sculpt his limbs folding like as ones' of zoanthlopes, I wanna give him more active image from his instinctive behavior predation.

Doom of Malan'tai. pre-finished.

I think giving him scyzing talon is too exaggerate, but just small claws as like as zoan's is not suitable for him. I can't find point of compromise I thought the image would spring to me while sculpting other pats of him.

Request for comments. especially critiques and advices, thanks.

Vents on back carapases are fixed.

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