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Finecast or failcast ...

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I've just finished first of my Forge World Nurgle ogres (more pictures in gallery - check it out). Sculpts are very cool, with a lot of clear details, although minis are not easy to prepare well before painting. I bought those ogres before first finecast release. I've heard and read (and seen!) a lot about low finecast quality and it sounded very strange for me. Forge World has some problems with "miscasts" but it is rather uncommon now (IMHO) and overall quality is good. So why GW has problems with resin models? With such amount od experinece from Forge World releases?


I like metal castings, plastic ones are fine too (less detailed, much easier to prepare and convert). Generally I don't like resin models (I hate new Khador jack casts, it sucks :-() even if their details are better than metal. I hope (but I'm afraid that it is hopeless) GW change their minds and give up finecasts for better metal castings. We wil see ...


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  1. sven's Avatar
    It's another type of resin. More plastic like. The quality of the castings are much better now, seems like they released it premature. But be sure to look at the mini in the package very thoroughly before buying.
  2. Jan from WarGamingMamas's Avatar
    cool :-) I like it

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