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The tale of the Dragon and Troll

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Red Dragon Lord vs Lava Troll

The tale of the Dragon and Troll:




The tale of the Dragon and Troll:

The tales tell that in the deep mountains live so called Lava Troll who long ago killed the Red Flame Dragon. Now it’s believed that he uses the dragons scull as a weapon to kill mountaineers and innocent travelers, who try to find their way through the deep mountains... The old tell the story of how this had happened.. The troll and the dragon were fierce enemies for a long long time , they both wanted to live by the volcano due to the warmth it provided , it was the only way to stay alive in the Deep Mountains, because all know how cold it gets in there at winters time. Of course there was only one place by the hot inviting lava pool, and only one predator can live in the Blood cave...Although the Red Dragon had lived and ruled there for many centuries, now he had to defend his realm from this intruder who wanted to take claim of what belonged to him.  In cold winter night, when the sky were clear and moon full, they fought. Shivering screams, beastly roars and painful screeches were heard from far away for seven days. Finally strongest or the luckiest won -the Troll , although many say that he won only because he cheated ,  no one know how did he actually kill the dragon. Despite that every smallfolk and lord or knight has no doubt that the dragon is dead... For hundred years no one dare to enter the mountains and if some madness drove them inside there no one came out alive.

 Years passed and so came the time of the brave Lord from Red Dragon keep, who committed his life to revenge the dragon and rescue the mountaineers from the Trolls reign. See, the dragon was the symbol and protector of the Lords house for many centuries, before the terrible troll appeared...

 Now it has come to this strike, on this very bridge that once stood between the dragon and his opponent troll.  The Lord will have only this one chance to strike the enemy down, but will he succeed. No doubt the troll seems slow and weak, but didn’t he kill the dragon once?...


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Created and Painted by Osiskars

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