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So it begins

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Well, I would say that this marks the beginning of my art, my project, my dream. I've bounced around on other forums and while they were all good the friends I had made eventually left that and I was merely following my mentor and friend but now i have decided that I will branch out on my own. He has since 2009 quit Warhammer and wants to get back into it, but I honestly don't see it coming to pass. So since then i have taken some of his dreams and made them my own to pay homage to him for the monster he awoke inside of me (a little bit of background on Monty he was always a gamer first painter second quite the opposite of me). So I have decided to pick up some of his projects (Nids, Alpha Legion, and Black Templars) and see them to completion. At the same time I will press to finish my first project (Eldar) , and then I will see where my fancy takes me. As of right now these are the armies i have spent my last year planning (I've been in afghanistan since march 2011 and am leaving with in the week). Eldar, Harlequins, Corsairs, Grey Knights, Black Templars, Blood Angels, Crimson Fist, Tyranids, Necrons, Alpha Legions, Custodes, Death Watch, and Legion of the Damned for 40k. Bretonia, Lizard Men, High Elves, Wood Elves, Vampire Counts, and Empire for Fantasy. Along the way I plan to build what I'm calling simply the table and I will reveal more on this project as it goes from paper to it's various stages of completion. Lastly, My terrain projects which at this time include plans for a castle, keep, citadel, manor, and jungle temple. Well until next time, Grif

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