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Shengen learned of the incident, objurgate Cheng Feng. Cheng Feng belligerent resulting Cheng Shengen heart attack in a hospital. Instead of Cheng Feng Cheng Shengen company business real hard experience the father 's, started to gradually understand the father. Board of Directors is not approved Cheng Feng, him as a Playboy, the Coach Ashley Satchel Cheng Feng's work difficult. Chen Li still (5) Wu Di in nightclubs came across a woman left a deep impression on him, and later learned that the woman Coach Ashley Op Art was the ex-girlfriend of Wu Wei Wu Mei (played Monica Mok). Is more specially, Wu Mei is June mine company United States headquarters to Beijing sent the company's Vice President, Wu Di's immediate superior. Wu Mei superior ability and courage was deeply fascinated by Wu Di on this woman, who he started thinking about his love. Yang Zixi new rich boyfriend Andy Yang Zixi as no more than a plaything. When Andy hurt coach outlet store online Yang Zixi, Yang Zixi from Wu Di there looking for warmth, but Andy comfort, all Wu Di, Yang Zixi will return to Andy's arms. This repeated injury to Wu Di broke our hearts. Wu Di Wu Mei and two people are getting attracted to each other. Cheng Shengen that Cheng Feng Shen Bing really emotional coach ashley satchel , found in private Shi Xiaomeng, persuaded him to sign a contract, Convention broke up Shi Xiaomeng Shen Bing, Cheng Shengen Shi Xiaomeng provides a large group of senior positions. Shi Xiaomeng agreed with Cheng Shengen requirements. Shen Bing and small stone mountain encounters the fierce pursuit of the Cheng Feng after break up, Cheng Feng sincerely, Shen Bing from the beginning did not accept to finally be head over heels in love with him. Shi Xiaomeng companies do not have access to, in confidence, and marginalized. Company Vice President company, Liang Jun was about to occupy, so he lured Shi Xiaomeng teamed up with. Love, career and even being hit by Shi Xiaomeng has no principles. He helped Liang Jun is to usurp the Cheng Jia industry. A day into the company's battle between Liang Junzheng, Shi Xiaomeng and Cheng Feng, Wu Di party. After the smoke, the dust has settled, Cheng Feng eventually taking charge of the group, Shen Bing, however, lived

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Tabletop Gaming , Warhammer 40K

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