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The New Orks - Wow!

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To understand this post you will need the information provided at these places:

Leaked Codex: Ork (Speculation)

UK Game Day 2007 photos at these locations (the forum has more throughout)

Ok, as an understatement, I'm pretty danged excited by what's listed (Codex and pics) in the preceding links. I now forgive Games Workshop for taking so frickin' long to do something with the Ork army. I was excited,  sooo  pumped for an "Orktober" release but hopes were dashed when Choas was trust upon us instead. I'm glad GW decided to iron out whatever it was - I really don't care, If this was the result, so be it. Now that that's out of the way...

F$&# 'n A, those are some of the sweetest models I've ever seen! As for the Codex, I can handle all the rules changes and have started to modify my force to take advantage of those as soon as it's published. And no, I don't run a specialized list like Klans or Feral Orks so my army wasn't really affected. Just need more boyz, and A TON OF THOSE NEW BIKES - to replace those lame ones I've had since 2nd Edition.

Here's my thoughts on the new models. Some good, some, meh.

Shokk Attack Gun: It's BAAAACK! This will be the first new one I buy. Great model with enough humor to bring a smile to all yet kick-ass enough to make ya scared of it, especially when you look at those (speculative) stats! The only thing missing is the telly-scopic legs.

Bikers: The BEST thing about the new Ork line of models, hands down. Yes, even better than that Trukk. These are what Ork bikers are supposed to look like. And that alternate Warboss body with the 'Uge Choppa? Spectacular!

Burna Boyz: Although I find nothing wrong with the current Burnas, these are much beefier and look like, in ork society, they were judged bigger and better so they get the better weapons.  The down side is even though there's some variation between the models, there's not enough and a mob of 10-15 of these "special" models will get old very quick. Another think that bothers me are the weapons shoulder straps. They look too straight, there should have been a bit of sag in them. I understand they're supposed to look like the weapons are HUGE and weigh a lot but things like this just look better when there's a bit of give to them, much like tank tracks.

Lootas: All comments about the Burnas above pertain to the Lootas. Cool as a single model, too similar in a crowd, bad/funky straps.

Tank Bustas: I like these guys. Various ways to launch rokkits or bombs. As a special unit you can mix these up without them all looking the same, unlike the Burnas and Lootas. I wonder why they're offering more variations on these special gits and not the others?

Squig Bombs: COOL! I can't wait to see the rules for these things.

Weirdboy (Warphead?): I like this model although I'm not sure if it'll fit into my style of play. Note: Everyone who purchases this model should have that goofy Gretchin chain sawed off for free, where ever they buy it.

Trukk: Downright junkyard! It does seem that GW took a deep, deep look into their hearts and realized they DID care about what their customers think. As the lamest vehicles in the game (visually) these are now the best. You can almost hear the crap falling off as they bounce across the battlefield on those kickin' tires. I hope they kept it up for the battlewagon.

Dok: Another model that I'm not sure I'll use as the Doks don't quite fit my playing style. Well modeled though as the rest of the new line.

Grots: We get one sculpted grot and people are clamoring about PLASTIC GROTS OMG! I'll wait on this, I'm not convinced we're getting them yet. Still doesn't make me WANT to paint up 90 of'em either.

New Codex Cover Art: A bit underwhelming, nothing that would inspire courage (or obedience) in an ork. Maybe it'll look better when the layout's done.

Ork Mek (with Def Gun?): The Meks are definitely getting the love with the new models. I'm much more drawn towards the Mekboyz than the Doks and Painboyz. Great looking weapons on this fella.

Ork Nob/Warboss: If this is the new Warboss or Nob in plastic, I find myself wanting more, wanting something that really changed with the conversion to plastic. The powerklaw looks a bit weak and the Nob just isn't scary enough.


It's gonna be great year for us Ork players as we watch all of our green go flyin out of our wallets and onto the gaming table. I'm starting to save already.

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  1. COG's Avatar
    yeah i agree the new orks are great. the bikes are over the top and the trukk looks like it was borrowed from mad maxx.:)
    i should just start working for GW cause they have my check more often than not . lol

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