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Matthew Snelson

Broadcast from the Bunker

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Anyone there?....

Any survivors respond please?....

Any minature painters surviving from the maelstrom of the mid nineties? I have returned to the bunker of my memories, dusted off my skills and returned to the hobby. But believe me, my skills are rusty.

You know that moment, when the tip of your brush is approaching the tip of the shoulder pad/eye socket. It's barely loaded with skull white, ready to emphasise the sun catching on the detail of your chosen hero. That moment when you realise you should have eaten somthing before you started painting because your hand may as well be leant on an old, busted, tumble dryer. My hand's like that most of the time now. But it is getting better...a little...

I got back into my minatures after stopping smoking, and I must say it is a fantastic aid to relaxation. Well, most of the time anyway. I'm currently working on a blood angels army, however have only just got teh confidence in my basic painting skills back to post anything, and this site looked like a great community.

I really want to improve, and look forward to discussions and feedback on techniques and projects. My next will be finishing off a scout motorbike, then there's an old lead landspeer I've just and that dreadnought, oh and then there's the Churchill Tank, Sherman and Tiger 1 waiting in the cupboard...wait, hang on....didn't I buy Astorath the Grim yesterday.....

*sigh* where's my brush?

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