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Actually finished a regiment

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I'm feeling kind of giddy at the moment. After a marathon session of painting at Tom's house last night, I got my second regiment of Glade Guard archers painted up for that Fantasy campaign I keep talking about. I did move away from the old color scheme in some ways (the first models for the army were painted prior to the army book's release, pre-release figs is one thing I miss deeply about working outside the hobby industry) but I think they look better for it. Much less bright and vibrant and ridiculous, and more like a Wood Elf is supposed to.

Tom, however, got his regiment of Savage Orcs painted, and probably by now has his Spider Riders done and the Savage Boar Boyz started too. That's scary, because at 500 pts they hit like a ton of bricks and there is talk of no magic items in the first round of the campaign. No Hail of Doom Arrow = I'm screwed if I play Tom's Orcs!

Pics will hopefully be up some time this weekend, my figure case and portable(ish) cabinet full of paint and tools are at his house still. I'm excited because these are some of the only models I've finished in the last 6 months... so many projects started though! That's got to count for something.

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