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Mini-Great Demon of Nurgle

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Hello everyone!

Some days ago i was commissioned to sculpt and paint a WFB Great Demon of Nurgle.
The challenge of it consisted in make it look like the one offered by Forgeworld. Or at close as it could get, considering that it should be made on the same scale that the Warhammer ones. This is, fit in a 50x50mm square base.

This time, the first and hopefully not the last, I set myself a new challenge, that is post this WIP. As English is not my native tongue, my apologies if something in my writing seems odd. I'm trying to improve that.

So, after researching some images, realised that this sculpture in particular hasn't much of a complex structure (in terms of pose, wire skeleton, etc.). It´s more like a solid, massive volume. (Botero anyone?) the hard work is in the textures.

Having calculated the approximate size, I decided to use a cork as base, and to model over it. Not on top of it but surrounding it, in the end the cork would be the core of the figure. Why? As I said, in this case in particular a wire skeleton seemed pointless. I was looking for some spherical or cylindrical volume, and found that a wine cork had the right dimensions. And it's light, helpful when you have to hold the miniature to sculpt or paint.

I began with some basic volumes, checking the size and posture.
I use two types of modelling putty. The well known green stuff, and other one called just "epoxy clay". Both are epoxy clay, I think green stuff has some silicone in its formula (to resist high temperature and hence that wax-like texture, but just guessing).
The other one, I'm not sure if it's what the rest of the world knows as brown stuff, or milliput. Two components (brown and white), not very elastic, hard and good to file, cut or sand when dry.
They both can mix together, and that is what I mostly use to sculpt. For some details I go for the green stuff alone, and big shapes and volumes, the khaki stuff (?).

Once the basic volumes were done, I started adding some detail with the mixture of brown + green. For the intestines I used only green stuff, goes better for organic shapes like that.

At this point I realised it would be a great idea to document the process! Sorry, I wish I have some pic of previous stages. As said before, first WIP.

More to come!

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