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My Pirate Ogres

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The Sea Eater Tribe - This was my first project in about 8 years. I painted a few ogres I got out of storage when moving house and 6 models, a fiddle with some Greenstuff and a little nosey at the GW website and I was hooked again. Being as rusty as I was, it's not the best painted army in the world but I had a lot of fun doing it and it has been well received in GW Bath where it sat in in their cabinet for a good few months.

Anyways, here it goes....

And the rest - excuse the make shift studio. If you are interested in make a similar studio all you need is a large chopping board, an old shower curtain and the top of a rabbit hutch.

My Tyrant

Voodoo Butcher, I like the image of the witchdocter in the bottom of the boat entertaining the gorger with some terrible tales and a selection of nibbles.

Then we have my Maneaters, they are subtley converted which I think is nice sometimes because they still look like genuine models but with a difference. It was good to make use of Bragg as a standard bearer (the banner detatches and is interchangable). Also, getting ogre pistols was a nightmare!

Bulls (another 12 to follow - currently in the hobbie freezer). I really like my champion and big Bull units, opponents get twitchy around big unit of ogres, sort of like having a T-Rex in the garden and not knowing what to do or reading a book in the pub and a throng of bikers come in.

Leadbelchers are great, and necessary, in a piratey army. These guys feature my first attempt at source lighting which is good for a first attempt I reckon(?). These units also display some of my slightly more quirky tweeks, like Ogre launching the octopus and another individual has been blinded by some naughtical mishap and is being directed by his "ammo" Gnoblar. A special favourite among people though is the rubber duck - you'll find it...

Big Guns....
Mournefang cavalry are ridiculas. A unit of 4 of them look bad ass and they can kill anything, give them the dragonhide banner -it's essentially the same as giving the Hulk premium lager and bags of emotional scarring. The icy blue banner is securely pinned but not glued and is therefore interchangable with the Maneaters. I love this unit.

Ironblaster - enough said.

And the Stonehorn, a professor of impact hits. This guy here is full magnetised partly for travel purposes but mainly because the head is interchangable with the Thundertusk head. The luggage on the back is interchangable with the saddle of the second rider. The thundertusk parts still aren't quite complete but they're on the way.
I love this model and will definatley get another one day probably for a different army.

So that was the Ogres. As much as I adore these guys I might well be looking to sell them in the coming months. Let me know if you have any offers (even over seas) or if you want to be notified when I do come to sell them.

This is a fun army and I'm still contemplating whether I do want to see it go yet.

I am the sort of characer that may change my mind and forfill the ideas I originally had planned - Ironblaster wielding Giant, cannon battery Scraplauncher, flame cannon Firebelly just to name a few.

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  1. Alowan's Avatar
    They look great. The last one is really impressive - love how you painted the armor and horns on the beat as well as the flesh on the ogre.

    If you ever plan to auction them away I suggest you take some images with a simple black background (or alike) so the figures come to their full potential (they deserve it).

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