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Juicifer's Slanesh Army

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Oh hi! Welcome to the blog for my warhammer 40,000 army in progress, "the disciples of envy".
It will be a 1,500 point force of Daemons of Chaos with Chaos Space marines allies, (or vice versa, depending on the CSM codex's content).
It's dedicated to Slaanesh, but I just might sneak some nurglings in!
After a few test paints, I settled on a dark green and gold color scheme, mostly because I'm tired of painting purple after my Dark Eldar army.

So I began this project by sculpting the army's general, Lilit. I sculpted this using Apoxie sculpt, brown stuff and green stuff. I mainly used the apoxie sculpt for bulking out the form, as it takes sanding pretty well and is inexpensive compared to the other stuff. A set of color shapers were the tools I used most. The finished model was lacking something, so I added some details to make it more interesting. At first I was hesistant to sculpt onto a painted model, but I'm glad I did.
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Currently, I'm working on the Soul Grinder. I'm using Apoxie sculpt and brown stuff to sculpt the head and torso first.
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Updated 08-12-2012 at 05:58 PM by Venis

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  1. ozymandias's Avatar
    Dude - this project is looking awesome. I really like Lilit (reminds me of somehing I saw in one of the comic books years ago). very nicely sculpted and a unique looking mini that really captures the feel of slaanesh.
  2. Venis's Avatar

    I've made a bit more progress. I still haven't commited to some of the details here. I'll probably cover a bit more of the machinery in the torso, letting it peek through in places and see if that creates more interesting shapes.
  3. Venis's Avatar
    I'm keeping as much of this thing separate to make painting easier. I tried out some crazy spiky exhaust pipes on the back, but it looked a little too funky and interfered with the wires. I'm trying out pauldrons and other plated sections from the defiler arms at the moment, with a bunch of blades from the dark eldar vehicle sprues I have left over. I think they'll make the silhouette a bit more interesting and help to balance things out more.

  4. Venis's Avatar

    After a long delay I've finally got the Soul Grinder ready to paint. I've kept it mostly unassembled to make things easier, so there are a few little details not pictured here.
  5. Venis's Avatar

    Finished, after a long long pause. =)

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