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Hobby Review: P3 Wet Palette (Privateer Press)

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Here is a review of the Privateer Press P3 Wet Palette. Yes, there are plenty of ways to do it yourself and save a couple bucks, But after I got it and started to use it I don't regret the purchase at all. Essentially what you want a wet pallet for is to keep you paints wet (duh) during your painting session. I set up correctly you can keep them usable for says or weeks. This is especially important to folks that are making custom mixed colors or into wet blending. It retails for $19.99

What you get in the package is a plastic container 6 X 5 X 1.5" and it gives you some simple directions (not that it's complicated) on how to use the wet pallet properly. Also in there is the pad of wet pallet paper and a sponge to soak up the water.

I was actually surprised on how many of these Wet Palette pads they give you in here. I just assumed there would be about 5 or so, but just glancing at it there has to be at least 25-30 of them in there. Nice!

Once these run out you can buy another pack of them for $10 from Privateer Press or you could just buy a roll of parchment paper from the grocery store for less. Only drawback is that you now have to cut them to size. Speaking of size you notice at the top of the pad it's a tear sheet like a notepad would be. That means that the do not fill the open space 100% once you separate them.

Now that you have the individual sheet torn off the stack you fill the bottom part of the tray with clean water up to the level of the sponge. This sponge will act as a wick to keep the paper damp and thus keep the paints from drying.

Put one side down so it gets damp. Then flip it over and smooth it out so there are no dry bubbles underneath. Then..... ad paint!

My battery running out was a good thing after all since I get to show you a picture of my wet palette 18 hours AFTER I was done painting. All I did was snap the lid shut. Putting it in the refrigerator could extend the life of the paints since the moisture in there will contribute to what the palette is already doing.

Overall I think it is an excellent product to those taking their painting to the next level. Especially people that didn't want to build or don't like their homemade versions. I give this product 4 1/2 shields out of 5. If they made it $15 it would have been a perfect score.

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