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Best Plastic Glue Hands Down

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I don't know why I didn't find this sooner than I had but I'm never going back to any of the other junk now that I've experienced the Tamiya Model Master's Liquid Cement.

You get 1 FL oz. of this stuff and will run you about $7-8per bottle. The cap has a simple twist and is made of a plastic that does not get affected by glue, so don't worry about welding the cap to the body.

The glue itself is relatively thin, but not runny. You put a small drop of it on a model and it will stay there for you, which is very nice. It will start to bond pretty quickly so depending on the size and weight of the parts you shouldn't have to wait too long before you can let go. Remember, however, that it is not fully bonded so start working on other areas right away. The plus side it if you made a mistake and need to pull it apart, you have about a minute or so before it starts to get messy.

The second and third pics show why this glue bottle will be my only choice going forward. It has a metal pipett/applicator that resists clogging. It is a smaller diameter than most tubes and other bottles which will allow more precise placement of the glue. The length of the stem lets you get into some tight areas that other cannot without putting a dab on a toothpick for example.

It also comes with 2 (in case you loose one) metal wires that will unclog the tube if you ever have any dry up inside it. this way you can use it to the very last bit of glue and not have wasted any of your investment.

Overall I rate this very highly if you are using plastics models. I put together about 30 delicate Dark Eldar troops and transports and was so glad I had it. I did 't have the unsightly "weld" marks along the joints of the smooth ships thanks to this. Hope this helps and Happy Modeling!

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  1. krom1415's Avatar
    Thanks for info, i'll look out for it.

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