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Just Getting Started

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Amazing as it sounds, I have actually been into the construction/converting side of minis for quite a few years. But owning two warhammer 40,000 armies that have barely any primer on them as well as starting to collect more, I have decided to start biting into my huge backlog of things that need painting.

So this is more or less a little way for me to both track my progress & motivate myself.

Heres whats on the chopping block to get to.

Warhammer 40k

OrkArmy (at least 3500 points or more, thats alot of figures to paint >_<)Necon Army(some 3000 points or so)

Warhammer Fantasy

Warriors of Chaos(still being built, less then 1200 points)


Protectorate of Menoth (just the starter set plus a few extra boxes of models, half needs assembling)


Nicodemus Box Set(built, based & primed!! just need to paint it)
Flesh Construct(built, need to base him then prime him)

And a whole slew of reaper figs.

Well heres to jumping in head first. :P

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