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So here we go...

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I've tinkered with miniature painting a bit over the past few years. I had only finished two and I just stripped them... but not before taking pictures of them. I plan on repainting them to see if any of the methods of painting I've read about will work better.

Actually I just looked over and seen a third that I finished. It wasn't a very detailed model and not many colors. I might strip it too.

The two models I just stripped are from the Reaper Learn to Paint Kit - Beginning Level Armor and Fur and I followed the instructions as written. The models looked okay but weren't anything to write home about. I would have rated them a 5. I'll be posting their before and after pictures in another post.

The third was Stone Spike from the D&D Chainmail series.

I have several WIPs: Eldricth Demon, Brother Vincent and Bones Bugbear Warrior. I'll also detail these in a future post.

I currently use all Reaper MSP paints and most of my miniatures are from Reaper also. I do have a few assorted D&D Chainmail minis and a box of Warhammer Ghouls.

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  1. Arzell Cole Wilson's Avatar
    Well we all start somewhere. I actually started painting and getting into the miniature hobby about 4 years ago with warmachine and the first model I ever painted was a cryx model called asphexious. It took some time and I didn't think I was doing very good. But looking back I didn't do a half bad job on it and I keep it and the wwarmachine models I painted around to see how far I have come. And I must say I love the reaper paints myself. I'm actually going to invest in most of the new citadel paints for future painting on my warhammer 40k and fantasy and dark age models. They are just too good to pass up now. But I still use some of my fav reaper paints to go with them
  2. DethStruck's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting here. I hadn't been back here since then really... I guess I didn't get a notification or I would have.

    I just recently started cleaning my office/painting/craft/music room out so I have more room to work. My painting desk was basically buried.

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