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Dark Vengeance (Limited Ed.) - The Unboxing

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After many nights of ogling at pictures of the Dark Vengeance miniatures on the Games Workshop site, I finally got my hands on the Limited Ed. boxed set!

The box itself has a nice finishing and looks really polished.

The contents include:
48 miniatures + 1 Limited mini
Dice, Bases, Templates and Range Finders
Quick Reference Sheet, Rulebook and a 'How to Play' Booklet

And.... the unboxing begins!

Surprisingly, there are only 4 main sprues and 1 additional sprue for the limited ed. miniature.

For a moment, I thought that my box may have sprues missing until I saw the number of figures that are jam packed into each of those sprues.

As with the other starter sets, this comes with the run-of-the-mill range finder and assorted templates.

The dice and bases are neatly packed but I'm sure you aren't really reading this to find out about the bases and dice so....... next please....

Now we get to the items of interest!

Here is the 1st sprue, with a mix of chaos and dark angel figures.

The miniatures are extremely detailed expecially when you consider the fact that they are mostly composed of only 2 parts.

If you own Assault on Black Reach and thought the minis there were good, these are way better!

The 2nd sprue is a duplicate of the one above.

I will have to vary my paintjob here and there for the sake of variation.

Now this 3rd sprue looks very impressive with the organic-like internal sprue frame.

Here you can really appreciate how tightly packed the figures are and every one of them is perfectly casted.

Kudos to GW for achieving this impressive feat.

And the 4th frame, with the highlight of the set.... the Helbrute.

The sculpt is absolutely awesome and I can totally imagine how badass this guy is gonna look once I paint him up.

And finally, the limited Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus that comes with a nice textured base.

The head of my Chaplain has come off the frame but FYI, it is supposed to be attached to the bottom left of the sprue.

For some reason, this limited ed. figure seems to totally justify the purchase of this boxed set!


Lastly, there are the Quick Reference Sheet, Rulebook and a 'How to Play' booklet.

One thing to note is that the Rulebook here is full-colored with updated rules, weapons and such. It's like the rulebook from the Assault on Black Reach Set but this one is on steroids!

Very high quality stuff here. IMO, this is the best GW starter set ever made. Highly recommended, so get yours while the limited edition is still available.

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